Off and Running (and Walking and Trotting)

Now that’s getting things off on the right track. A great first day for the pastime, with plenty of positive omens for the coming months. The marquee players, for the most part, put on a show. But of course all of the excitement–Pudge’s Detroit bomb, Beltran’s game-winner–was eclipsed by Bond’s performance: a walk, two doubles, the three-run shot to tie. Message received: Balco will not be a distraction, at least for Mr. Bonds.

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  • Why should Balco be a distraction for Mr. Bonds? It’s gotten him where he is – he’s not the type to start worrying about it now. One of Bonds’ best and strongest traits has been a dogged focus, a blinders-on charge that no media member has really been able to crack. He will persevere, I have no doubt, until one big question is answered and that is if his “perserverance” has been clean ever since the day he started associating with Balco. When and if that is ever scientifically corroborated, then we’ll see if his focus is altered. Until that happens, I have no doubt Mr. Bonds will continue to be a thrilling exhibitionist.

    SF April 6, 2004, 3:23 pm

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