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Oh Ricky You’re So Fine: Yanks-Jays Gamer

The 2005 first-round draft pick born in East L.A. has had an admirable first year in the bigs pitching for the Jays, and faces the Yankees for the third time on the season. He won his first game against New York as Andy Pettitte took the loss on July 6th, and booked a no-decision the second-go-round August 1st when the Yankees won in 11 innings on an RBI single by Cano. Both games were decided by one run. The winning pitcher in the latter game was Chad Gaudin, pitching for the first time for New York since coming over from the Padres for a PTBL. Gaudin is on the mound tonight for the Bombers at the Rogers Centre. Comment away.

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Sorry, I really really really really hate Toronto teams. Kinda like most YF’s hate the Sox and vice versa!!!!

…bunch of whiny Canucks with their back bacon, molson and pomme frites!!!! BOOOOOOOOO TORONTO…BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Weird…I posted twice and they both disappeared?
Synopsis, I hate Toronto teams, Go Yankees. Weak.

Their old, crappy stadium is like a huge, cavernous mausoleum…about as much noise from their fans.

3-0!!!!! Godzilla rips a liner to RF, RF’er MISSES THE BALL…rolls to the wall. Godzilla on 3rd, 1 out…

FIDDY!!!! not even close to a triple bro…horrible play by the RF’er.
4-0!!!! RBI single for Hip Hip…

For Matsui to hit a legit triple Barry Bonds would have to be playing corner outfield with Johnny Damon’s arm.

For Matsui to leg out a triple, they would have to play in a stadium with no outfield wall…

When the Red Sox win: the Yankees win
When the Red Sox lose: the Yankees win
When the Yankees use shitty pitchers: the Yankees win
When the Yankees use their aces: the Yankees win
When I watch the game: the Yankees win
When I skip the game: the Yankees win
I’ve officially given up on the division. Wild Card here we come.

Gaudin in complete meltdown mode…5-3 now. GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME JOE!!!! He looked good for awhile there…
Joe going to the mound…finally.

That basically cancelled out any good he did…3.1 inning start? Terrible. F-cking terrible. I pine for the days of MEE-tre being the 5th starter!!!

Relentless. Hip Hip RBI…7-3. Goodnight Ricky. 1st and 2nd with 1 out, bullpen time…

Jeter raped by the 1st base ump on the bunt single. It wasn’t even close but he was called out. Moved Melky to 3rd with 1 out…

Robertson flashing a 94mph fastball and a 79mph curveball.
He’s been one of the nastiest relievers in the league this year.

Andrew, how much you want to bet he gets those 3 HRs all in his next 9 hits, with HR # 3 coming on hit # 9 to break Gehrig’s record? Would be typical Jeter drama.
I almost feel guilty rooting for a team with an offense this good.

Is it just me, or does Marte’s face look a heck of a lot like Mo’s? I was confused for a second, especially with the number so close to 42.

I don’t know…complexion and 5 o’clock shadow are similar I guess.
And the Yankees win.
And again.
And again…

What record would the Yanks be breaking? 8 players with 20+ homers? That is pretty fricken crazy.
And the Yankees win.
And again.
And again…

This is what has gone through my mind nearly every night for the past three weeks.

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