Oh, Henry

The Yankees have a new shortstop: C. J. Henry, an Oklahama schoolboy whom they chose with the 17th pick in today’s draft. The wizards at Baseball America claim this youngster has “one of the highest ceilings in the draft….an exceptional athlete with a tantalizing combination of power and speed.” Will he some day replace Derek? It’s good to see the Yanks thinking long term, though it seems Mr. Henry projects more as a CF or 3B. A CF? We could use one of those now. In following rounds, the Yankees stuck to collegians, with an emphasis on pitching:

· 2nd round: RHP James Cox (6-foot-3; 205 lbs); University of Texas
· 3rd round: CF Brett Gardner (5-foot-10; 180 lbs); College of Charleston
· 4th round: RHP Lance Pendleton (6-foot-3; 195 lbs); Rice University
· 5th round: LHP Zachary Kroenke (6-foot-3; 210 lbs); University of Nebraska

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  • Also, the wizards at BP apparently nailed the first 17 picks of the draft EXACTLY as it went down, making Mel Kiper, Jr.’s work for ESPN at the NFL draft look positively amateurish by comparison.

    SF June 7, 2005, 8:16 pm

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