OK, here goes. John H:

OK, here goes. John H: B+. I don’t really think Henry has done much of anything wrong. Beyond posting a cryptic message at SoSH, he’s flown under the radar, hasn’t been snippy (he let Leisure Suit Larry do that for him), and is working, baseball-wise, from a position of power. Larry: F. Pisses off A-Rod (supposedly), pisses off Orza (definitely), pisses off Henry (see: US Airways one-way flight 1223 to Pittsburgh). Enamors himself to Selig. All-around terrible. Theo: I. I don’t see Theo as either the “puppet” you say or as a man in control of the A-Rod move. He’s surely crunched some numbers (see: Magglio component, which has Theo’s stamp all over it), but I think Henry/Werner are in control here, with Theo providing advice. Nomar: C-. Nomar’s sportsradio call-in from his honeymoon to say he “wants to stay in Boston” and that he “loves the Pats” was Arn Tellem-inspired, transparent garbage. Nomar should be following Manny’s lead, and just keep quiet, deal with this when the situation plays out. He’s the one who turned down 4/60, and likely, though passively, set into motion this whole situation. This gets us back to: Manny: A-. About as well-handled as possible. No comments, no complaints, no “keep me” plea. He’s been, ironically, the most professional of all. Orza: B-. What do you want from Orza? He’s the PA lead negotiator, labor leader. He’s in a tough spot – he has to protect the players, and from those dastardly owners, to boot. He’s in a tough spot, and maybe could have been a bit smoother, but really, what do you expect? Hicks: I, potential A or F. He needs the deal way more than Henry et. al, he keeps moving deadlines, he can’t keep his or Hart’s story straight, plus he’s trying to bargain with the Sox like a used-car salesman. I hedge with the “incomplete” because when and if a deal happens we’ll know how smart he really was (and hence the A or F) But until then, he gets an I, he seemingly has no backbone. A-Rod: C. He “backs” the PA? Not quite. He issued a modest statement after the re-jiggered deal was agreed to by Boras and the teams, he actively lobbied for Nomar’s spot, and he spends an extra few days in NY so he can fly to Beantown for an introductory press conference that never happened. He’s got way more clubhouse bad karma than Manny, Nomar, or: Millar: C. It’s worth reading the entire context in which Millar made his comments. He was obnoxiously pressed by Dan Patrick on ESPN radio after initially refusing to make judgment on the potential trade, and his jibes weren’t really all that bad. In this case, they really have been wrestled out of context, though his post-facto apology seems diplomatically appropriate, and he should have known better than to say anything. Lastly: Peter Gammons: F. I grew up on the drug of Boston Globe Sunday Gammons, I think he’s still worth reading regularly, but in this case he’s been truly awful. You rightly point out his shameful hypocrisy with regards to Hicks, and he’s reported more bad information in the last 10 days than Ari Fleischer did in his 2+ years.