Okay: it is freely admitted

Okay: it is freely admitted here that Yanksfan did flee the Great Metropolis for an electrically enhanced weekend in Sox territory. This brief adventure in enemy territory certainly got off on the right foot with a boot by Walker, a muff by Nomah, and a drop by Millar followed by 3 balls from Timlin and then–so lovely, so expertly placed–Ichiro’s grand slam. The gods were smiling, though their decision to allow Steve Lyons to broadcast the game indicates, shall we say, a certain sadistic streak. Steve Lyons on Ichiro: “He almost never swings at bad pitches.” Huh? On the Red Sox announcers: They all seem to be from that Ernie Harwell, let-the-game-do-the-talking school. It’s refreshing in comparison to the horror vacuii of so many Yankee broadcasts. There’s a Jerry Remy sitting on the corner stool of every bar of South Boston. Unfortunately, the Berkshire Black Bears fell hard to the Bangor Lumberjacks last night, 8-2. We took it all in from the front row of muddy Wahconah Park. Go Bears! NY Post (Sherman) MVP predictions: 1. Nomar 2. Ichiro 3. Giambi 4. Manny 5. Boone 6. Ordonez. Wherefor art Delgado?! “Slumping” claims Sherman. Too bad he’s 1 in rbi, 2 in hr, 1 in slugging, 2 in obp, 1 in runs.

Posted by YF on 8/17/2003 08:04:59 PM