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Well, Tom Brady is out for the year, and that’s quite sad.  Sad not because the Patriots season has seemingly gone up in smoke in an instant (that happens to a lot of teams, and we Pats fans have been more than lucky to enjoy a pretty amazing run of health from our QB, so no pity expected), but sad because it robs us of being able to watch a truly great player playing in his prime.  Not only that, but it also calls into doubt the future for our team leader.  In one sudden lurch a career is put in doubt, a career that had become something amazing to see; games helmed by Brady were often dramatic, exhibitions of skill and heart.  We may not see a player like Brady in New England ever again, and if he returns there is a legitimate question as to whether he will be anything like what he was before the first quarter yesterday.

So while fans of other teams may rejoice in their owns squad’s sudden potential, the bottom line is that severe injuries to great, entertaining, watchable players are terrible things.  While we have always wanted the Yankees to fail, we have always wanted them to fail while playing and not while standing in a cast, or with their shoulders wrapped, or with their elbows in tatters.  Pats fans are going to miss Tom Brady this year, without any doubt.  But football as a sport is going to miss him as well.  That’s too bad.  I can’t recall a more catastrophic injury to a Boston sport superstar (Bird’s back was a lingering thing) since Cam Neely was kneed by Ulf Samuelsson.  I feel the same kind of feeling today, robbed of the chance to see a great player do amazing things.

So best of luck, Tom, we hope and also expect to see you this time next year, hitting Moss on the numbers. 

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Just goes to show that when you lie about an injury to the NFL for three years every week, something is bound to come back and get you. :)
Just kidding, but it sucks to have that happen to the QB. Normally a wide out, or a RB and you can get around it, but not a QB. He’s just too important to moving the ball, and has too much of a good relationship with everyone he distributes the ball too.
But alas, it’s officially football season tonight at 10:00.
Rays v. Red Sox and Broncos v. Raiders. My remote will be smoking by twelve thirty.

For historical purposes, obviously Reggie Lewis is the worst. I don’t want anyone to think that I have forgotten this, I was just thinking of injury, not mortality.

Sorry guys but I feel no sympathy or sadness at the news of Brady’s demise. The way the franchise has conducted itself, *spygate* *cough* *cough* this could be the universe righting itself…

What does the franchise or spygate have to do with feeling something for a player at the height of his talents suffering what might be a career-ending injury, krueg? Would you have excused a Sox fan if he or she offered celebratory remarks if Jeter had torn his knee up, potentially beyond repair, back in 2001? I sure wouldn’t have, and I detest the Yankees.
Honestly, that’s the worst element of sports fandom coming out right there, in your comment.

Plus this coming right after the Super Bowl loss…I dunno, it’s just brutal. In terms of impact, it’s like if Aaron Boone had also somehow broken Manny’s and Papi’s arms awhile after he hit his home run off Wakefield.
In other words, got to F#(&$*(&KING hell, Krueg.

Nope…not a jets fan. just a lowly little dolphins fan. I never said I wished it on him, nor am I celebrating it…just saying. General consensus of people I’ve talked to is the same. No one is crying over the QB of a team that may or may not have cheated their way to the top being out for a year. Frankly, he’s been lucky to make it all these years healthy.
And please stop being so melodramatic guys will you? An torn ACL is not career ending. This isn’t 1982. He’ll be back next year.

I’m not trying to bring him back, krueg. I’m just trying to call you out for acting like a jerk. Save your so-called indifference for a later date. Now is not the time to rub salt in the wound.

Wait, this guy took us to, and WON, three Super Bowls in four attempts, no matter what happens with his career in the future, he will go down as one of the best QBs in the game. That being said, he will be back next year. Brady is not a scrambling QB, he is a pure pocket passer. The difference between him and other pocket passers over the years is he has the ability to see the whole field and make decision, that are usually right, in a split second. A knee injury won’t change that ability.
The one good thing to come out of this is we will see if it is Brady’s brain and arm or if it is Belicheck’s system. I say that if they make the playoff’s this year then Belicheck goes down as one of the greatest coaches of all time. If Cassel is really a “career” back-up, then give O’Connell a chance. Heck Bledsoe had a similar situation which led to Brady leading this team to greatness on three occasions!

Should the entire country lower their flags to half staff? Is everyone supposed to shed a tear? As if the Patriots are the only team in history to lose a big-time player to injury…
Again…not happy, don’t wish injuries on anyone.

Again…not happy, don’t wish injuries on anyone
Right. Sure you don’t. You just get happy after they happen.
Basically you have missed the point of this post, which was not to ask for sympathy as a Pats fan, or for anyone to “shed a tear” over this injury to the team that Brady plays for, but rather to lament a situation where a world-class player ends up with a catastrophic injury. This isn’t about team-specificity, as much as you seem to want to make this into a sneering “gotcha” kind of situation. This is about someone like Brady, or LeBron James, or Bo Jackson, or (heaven forbid for you Yankees fans) Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter blowing out their knee in the third inning of an opening day contest and saying “see you next year, maybe, and maybe at 85-90% of what I used to be just before I blew my knee out”. It’s about sports fans of any team not having a chance to watch a great player in action. Instead, you’ve made this petty, into some sort of moment of retribution.
The celebratory headline on the NY Post yesterday “Yahoo! Brady out for year!” was vile, not unsurprising for an outlet like the Post, but vile nonetheless. I have no stomach for this kind of attitude from fans or a two-bit news rag, at all.

“Instead, you’ve made this petty, into some sort of moment of retribution.”
You have lost your mind…huge stretch between what I said and this. I see what you guys are getting at but that’s not me, never has been on here…has it? Maybe the Schilling thing but I’m not going back there.
Thought you guys would know me by now but apparantly not. There is a big difference between “celebrating” the situation and basically saying “so what”. No? Of course not…the universe revolves around New England, right? Wrong. There are plenty of people that are openly celebrating the injury for sure…but I’m not one of them. Not going to help the Fins any, we’re terrible. I just don’t care about Tom Brady…kinda like I don’t care about the Sox.
My original post was basically pointing out that the Patriots have been dominant for so long that the NFL (universe) usually evens things out in the long run. First Spygate and now Brady’s injury. Balance is returning to the force. I get that you guys all love the guy, he’s one of the best, but get over it. We’ve all had these kinds of injuries. Sorry to rain on your little pity party guys…unreal.

Re: Pujols
Exactly right, AG. Pujols has gone that long without surgery because otherwise earth doctors would have discovered his true, extraterrestrial origin. It’s taken this long to fly in the right surgeons from Omicron Persei 8.

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