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On Hold: Tribe-Sox, Yanks-OtherSox Gamerz

The Sox and Yanks are both delayed, with the Tribe in Boston while the Yanks are on the road in Chicago.  Comment here when/if either/both lift the curtain.

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Hughes finally having a good outing has to feel good for Yanks fans. Right now I’m not terribly afraid of their rotation after Sabathia, but if Hughes can put it together they’re incredibly strong.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that the Sox’ rotation is fearsome; they’ve got Beckett and Lester, but not much else after that. The Rangers, however, have an extremely solid rotation.
Also, I didn’t realize that the Indians and Tigers had such awful rotations (after Masterson or Verlander).

There is nothing that will make the 2011 Yankee (or Sox) starting rotation fearsome or scary. If Colon pitches for the rest of the season the way he did in the first half, and if Hughes continues the way he pitched last night, then they will have a good shot at going deep into the post-season, that’s all. The only fearsome or scary starting rotations right now are in the NL. And there are at least 2, if not 3 of them: Philly, SF, Atlanta.

You’re right about neither rotation being scary, IH. But I feel very comfortable with the current Yanks rotation. I’m done doubting Garcia and Colon. Hughes looks like he may be getting things together. Nova has shown improvement throughout the season.
Burnett is the wild card, as always. But hey, he does the cream pie thing at least.

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