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Ontario State Of Mind: Sox-Jays Gamer

I miss Toronto.  I-90 to the QEW, getting passed by old ladies 'cause my shitbox Ford Escort could only do 65, but still less than three hours to the EX.  Good times.

Back-to-back doubles from Ortiz and Beltre have given Boston a 1-0 lead in the top of the second.  DiceK is on the mound for Boston, Ricky Romero for the Jaybirds.  Comment away.

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Doubront gives up the game-tying HR in the 7th…
So say the Sox make a great run, win the wild card and make the playoffs, who is going to pitch the 7th inning if the starter doesn’t make it that far? I mean to beat the Yanks (in what kinda felt like a ‘must-win’ kinda game,even though it wasn’t) Bard got 4 and Paps got 4 out to preserve the 2 – 1 win. This team is admirable in their ability to stay in contention despite what would be devastating injuries (a large payroll helps of course) but I can’t escape the feeling that the missing link was one more real reliable arm in the ‘pen.

a win is a win, i guess. dice-k was tough to watch as usual. some timely hitting by the bottom third of the lineup. nice to beat romero.
not sure why the yanks ducked the sox with burnett. he seemed to throw well tonite.

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