Onwards and Upwards, Part II

I think those of us in Yankeeland can also be, if not satisfied, at least relieved by the team’s position after the end of month one: only a couple of games back after dropping 6 of 7 to the Sox, enduring a mind-numbing, statistically improbable batting slump, playing Jets-level defense, Mussina staggering, Contreras hopeless, and the 5th slot filled by anyone with a ticket and a glove. There are still weaknesses, sure, but the hitting is returning to some level of normalcy, the defense should improve with the return of Lofton, and Lieber looks like he’s going to be a nice addition. Mussina and Contreras may never be consistent, but it appears their good days will at least come around more often in the future. So, finally, the battle is joined….

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