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Had a chance to look at the M's-Yanks game, bottom of six.  Jeter lines out on a decent rope.  Then Felix Hernandez takes Mark Teixeira and turns him in to a Washington General.

oof indeed.   Happy weekend all.

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Well. We fucking suck again.
No chance in the playoffs with this pitching staff. Unless CC and Pettitte can pitch every fucking game.
Vazquez and AJ are fucking worthless.
0-2 in the 1st. When is the last time we didn’t get rocked in the fucking 1st inning?

Red Sox claimed Johnny Damon off waivers from the Tigers, tweets SI’s Jon Heyman. The next question is whether the Tigers will work out a trade with the Sox, dump Damon on them for nothing, or pull him back. Damon can veto a trade or a straight salary dump to the Red Sox. Of Damon’s $8MM salary, about $1.8MM remains. Heyman opined earlier today that he believes the Tigers would let Damon go if a deal cannot be worked out..
Lifted from MLBTR

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