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So you thought Chan-Ho Park had a bad night? Joe West begs to differ:


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From our seats it was really hard to tell whether the balls and strikes calls were decent. Only on a couple of occasions did it seem that Beckett got visibly perturbed with a call, for the most part it looked like he just kind of sucked. And my Dad, watching on the tube, said the same (that he sucked, not that there were questionable balls and strikes calls).
The graphs don’t do West any service, though.

listening to the game on the radio, I can tell you that Joe C and the EEI fill-in guy had issues throughout the night with West’s ball/strike calls, and I’ve found Joe C. to be pretty fair when umps are concerned. Add the two blown calls at first base (the Cameron putout on the line-out double play was especially egregious), and it was a pretty tough night for the umps.

If the other play you’re referring to is the one where Sabathia put out Pedroia at first, that was actually the correct call, and there was definitive freeze-frame proof. Pedroia would have been safe had he not dived.

The healthy majority of MLB umps are complete and utter crap.
Joe West is not really any worse than the rank and file incompetents currently patrolling the diamond, although his gargantuan ego, sense of “showmanship,” and seeming belief that he should get his share of the spotlight every game make him even less palatable.

I’m confused. What is this showing? It’s too many pitches to be Park’s outing, but it seems like too few for the entire game. Also, it seems to differ from the “Normalized Maps for All Batters” at the link. ???

Alan, it’s the non-normalized map for all batters. BB must have added the normalized maps broken down by team after I posted the link. The normalized map makes West look a little better, but not all that much.

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