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Ortiz: I was ‘careless’ but ‘never used steroids’

Believe it or not:

David Ortiz kicked off his press conference this afternoon by
stating definitively that he “never used steroids” or bought them, but
acknowledged that he was “careless” when he was “buying supplements and
vitamins over the counter.”

He said he did not know, however, if one of those vitamins or
supplements — which he said were legal — resulted in his inclusion on
a list of 104 major leaguers to have failed a 2003 survey test for
performance-enhancing drugs.

MLB players association incoming head Michael Weiner indicated that
there would be no way for Ortiz to know anything about his test
results: "David does not know anything about his test results … there
would be no way to assess if something he took" resulted in a positive
test result.

Ortiz said that he was never told by the union that he tested positive for steroids, a statement that was backed up by Weiner … .

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Careless in buying supplements and vitamins over the counter in a third-world country? And for years?
That makes sense.
Good luck the rest of your career! The only question left for me is whether the Sox stick with him to the end of 2010.

A bit of a cross post from the other thread, but I wonder why it took Ortiz nine days to assert that he never used a steroid? I would think that would be something you wanted out there right away.
Also: I find the notion that millionaire athletes whose livlihood depends on their bodies are “careless” about what supplements they use to be entirely ludicrous.
I wonder 1. if the media microscope will focus on poking holes in Ortiz’s story the way they wen after A-Rod, and 2. if he is fully prepared for that spotlight to be shone over the last 6 years of his life.

Mark, he’s already showing he’s not prepared for the spotlight with his performance. The problem is his career dies by the end of next year.

And wait, if the MLBPA doesn’t know who tested positive and for what, how did A-Rod find out he had tested positive for Boli?

Nothing has changed. We’re all going to believe what we want to believe.

Why I want to state this, I do not know. But based on what Weiner had to say, if the ARod revelation had come to light after the Ortiz news broke (and subsequent explanation by the MLBPA), and ARod had denied it, I think I would have believed him. The MLBPA is doing a very good job of victimizing the players.

Apparently Selena Roberts was more thorough than the Ortiz informant?
Nothing surrounding any of this makes any sense to me… just get the freakin list out there and be done with it. The union should at least be able to get the information for an individual player at the request of that player, no?

I said it on the other thread:
I just want to hear the same amount of cynicism of this story that I heard of ARod’s. Difference being that ARod actually admitted taking PED’s but was fuzzy on the how and why, Papi is denying any wrong doing for the most part so…
It sucks to speculate but Papi really only had a few good years and they were WAY out of this career norm. ARod has always put up rowdy numbers. Not sure if that really means anything but it’s worth noting, no?

Selena Roberts is a digusting person. I never read anything she writes in SI anymore. I think it is hilarious that her rag sold basically nothing…bitch.
The difference in the coverage is simple Rob, people LOVE Papi…people hate ARod.

I find it completely believeable that millionaire athletes take supplements that their buddies recommend, available over the counter in their country of origin, that have not been banned my the league they play in. The “careless” part is in taking things that were illegal in the US where they live half the year. There was no testing of any kind — why wouldn’t they?

And wait, if the MLBPA doesn’t know who tested positive and for what, how did A-Rod find out he had tested positive for Boli?
They didn’t, Selena did. The MPBPA never came out and said what ARod did, they didn’t have to. Then, ARod did himself a service by just admitting it.
If Papi is lying, which I don’t think he is and nor do I give him a pass on the statement he did issue, it will catch up to him.
Of course people who shouldn’t be talking have talked, and those people know what the list says, and if he’s on that list for boli, or the clear, or whatever other steriod, it’ll come out; it was a clear chance that ARod wasn’t willing to take, and Papi is – it depends on the user, I’d suppose.
Either way, I do not buy into the “I didn’t know what it was” line. Nobody, and much less professional athletes, don’t know what they’re putting into their bodies.
Ortiz is well aware that if he was on steroids, it’ll come out. If he’s lying, that’s the risk he’s taken. But, if nothing else comes out, and there is no evidence of anything anywhere, I’m inclined to believe him. Believe him – not excuse him.

The difference in the coverage is simple Rob, people LOVE Papi…people hate ARod.
This simple isn’t true – there is nothing more enticing to the general public, the press, the book dealers, and the baseball communtity than to see a star fall from grace.
If it’s out there, they’ll find it, and if it’s not, they won’t.
People aren’t taking it easy on him because they like him – they’re taking it easy on him because there hasn’t been anything found or said (other than our local fanboy) that directly links him to a illegal substance.
Once that comes out, people can light the fires with good reason, but until that point, what can the press possibly be mean about?

Basically, at this point, everything is speculation, and it’s a shame that any player is going to deal with this list stuff. The list, and the chemicals found in each players test results should be made public. If there was anything that I think most of us agree with Rob on, it’s that.

Completely separate from Ortiz is the explanation of the 2003 testing procedure as described by Weiner of the MLBPA. Am I misunderstanding something or was it in fact the case that the procedure was: 1. Random test that the players were aware would be coming and – if you tested positive then 2. You were then told to stop taking supplements and then take a second test. And 3. ONLY if you failed BOTH of these tests did you get counted as having failed. And somewhere between 5-7 % of players DOUBLE-FAILED two tests that they knew were coming!?! Please tell me I am wrong because if I’m not it is amazing to me that ANYONE, let alone 100+ players, would fail something like that.
On Ortiz, he is basically saying the same thing Mark McGwire said. I believe them equally, which is to say that I believe they were each caught for supplements but that their meteoric stat-jumps lead me to believe they were doing much more.

IH – have you ever played baseball?
Well, they’re normally not the smartest group of guys!
I don’t like blanket statements that much, but a truer statement could not be uttered.
Most are about as dumb as a box of hammers.

He’s a Yalie
That couldn’t be further from the truth. Take it from a guy who live here. About 5% of the Yale students earned their way in. Aside from the diplomats and Senator children, there isn’t a lot of room for the average kid with good grades and a good head.
Also, my best friend, who is currently a pHd candidate there makes me shake my head on the regular.

The Ivy League in general is like a job – acceptance into most of the great ones are found on a golf course.

Is there a way we can compile a list of facts about this entire steroid mess?
I’m talking about a running list on this site that we could easily access.
It would contain facts and only facts. No conjecture, no opinions, no speculation.
Nothing that starts, “I think,” or “I believe,” etc.
Just facts.
Anyone is free to add to it.
No limits.
As we go along, this could be very useful for some unknown future project.

Speaking of believability, draw your own conclusions:
Man blames cat for porn download
By Associated Press | August 8, 2009
JENSEN BEACH, Fla. – Florida investigators say a man accused of downloading child pornography is blaming his cat.
Keith Griffin of Jensen Beach is charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after detectives found more than 1,000 images on his home computer.
According to a sheriff’s report yesterday, Griffin told investigators that his cat jumped on the computer keyboard while he was downloading music. He said he had left the room and found “strange things’’ on his computer when he returned. He is being held on $250,000 bond.

Hey, didn’t the Boli coverage show that you can still buy it over the counter in the DR?

//Wait, Brad, you think A-Rod took solely Roberts’ word for it? Really? Really, huh?
No – I think he knew that he took boli himself (because, you know, he was there and everything) and was afraid that he’d look worse if it was confirmed by other sources later than if he came clean.

gonna go with not… “careless with vitamins” is about as lame of an excuse as Ive heard thus far. Say what you will about A-Rod’s story he was at least much more forthcoming than Ortiz or Manny.

careless with vitamins = my cousin shot stuff in my ass and I didn’t ask him what it was, didn’t really care.
They are all liars.
But all it takes is a late-inning homer against a rival for us to move on, right?

“This simple isn’t true”
You’re smarter than that Brad…of course it is. ARod is a WAY more polarizing figure than Papi is. Get real.

For me SF? I never cared anyway but yeah, him hitting a walk-off home run against our hated rival in a huge game I guess would lessen the blow…

You know, I’m a Yalie. My dad is a high-school teacher with 4 kids (my mom was at home and dead by the time I reached college anyway), and Brad, I think your numbers are off base. More than 5% of those kids earned their way in. It’s more like 30 or 35 at least. Of course nepotism plays a gigantic role at Ivy League schools, but you’re overstating it.

I’ll grant you, however, that there are a large number of idiots at Ivy League schools.

Brad, my comment about Breslow was in jest.
Speaking of former Yale athletes …
I went to college near Chicago, hense an overabundance of Bears fans. A popluar Bear in those days was d-back Gary Fencik, who had a rep for being prone to cheap hits. I mentioned one such incident to a friend, who replied with great protest, ‘Fencik’s not a cheap-shot artist. He went to Yale!”
Absolutely true.

“Say what you will about A-Rod’s story he was at least much more forthcoming than Ortiz or Manny.”
I agree, but it is reasonable to believe that Papi is being as forthcoming as he can be. Skepticism must remain, but in fairness, his story is plausible.
“ARod is a WAY more polarizing figure than Papi is. Get real.”
Also true in general, but it’s also fair to say that it’s probably not true in New York.

sf: no, we moved on long ago. it’s just that we can’t seem to leave this crap behind. thanks mlb and mlbpa!

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