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Out With the Old, In With the…Old

Already preparing for Opening Day without Granderson, Teixeira, A-Rod, Hughes, and now likely Jeter, the Yankees – owners of the worst contract in baseball – are apparently looking to buy a piece of the second worst.  Let’s hope it’s a very small piece.  All signs point to Vernon Wells joining the Yankees in the next few days though details, including how much the power-packed Angels will eat of his contract, are still to be hammered out.  I can’t recall ever feeling so ambivalent about the start of a baseball season.

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” I can’t recall ever feeling so ambivalent about the start of a baseball season”


Except for maybe last year, when I decided that I was not going to fall in line with the choice of manager for the Sox, and disliked the makeup of that team from the start.

How am I the standard bearer for positivity and optimism here?????

Come on IH, it’s not that bad. We just need to tread water for the first month or so and then the guys start coming back…couple that with the trade deadline and we’ll be fine.

You forget. We have YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUK and Ronny. :)

…and for the record, the one thing I will give Cashman credit for is finding diamonds in the rough from the MLB old age home. If he thinks Wells has something left, I believe it. He was having a solid spring and once all the troops are back and healthy, he will be another vet bat/glove on the bench. And if he blows up, then great!


Seven days from now, all our questions will be answered over the course of the next six months. Six excruciating months.

Listen – when the Yankees signed Bartolo Colon for pennies, I said they had put the 1996 All-Star team back together for a reunion tour. Bartolo went on to be fairly dominant.

Lesson learned.

Nothing pleases me more than hearing [seeing] Yankees fans chant “yooooook”.

Thanks, Krueg.

Thanks for picking me up krueg. Your optimism is compelling. Though you brought me down hard with the Lyle Overbay link. I am curious to see how a roster that includes A-Rod, Mo, Jeter, Teix, Pettitte, Ichiro, Youkilis, and (likely) Wells ranks in terms of average age against all other teams in MLB history. Unfortunately I do not have the skills to look up this particular stat.

off topic, but this took a lot longer to bubble than i thought it would:

no scott, what’s corrupt is mediocre players making millions, while fans making a modest living pay $30 to park, $50-60 [yankee avg] for a ticket if you’re not afraid of heights, $9 for a beer, and $7 for a hot dog…or if you’re “out of market” like me you can pay through the nose for your team’s televised games, and still be inundated by annoying commercials…i love your comment that the current system “does not reward performance”…you got that right…if it did, arod [and you], and many others. would be facing severe pay cuts…you sir, are part of the problem

And now Chien Ming Wang is back. Seriously. Wasn’t there a sitcom starring Betty White about this team?

Good to see you dc.

> sitcom starring Betty White

When I saw Wells was signed I assumed it must be David.

Take a shot on these guys. See what sticks. We have plenty of talent to hold down the fort of a month or so.

My only real concern is if Tex is out for the year. That would be bad. Not insurmountable, but bad.

Every single year, I swear, I think, “Oh here’s where the Yankees’ “old age” catches up with them.” And every goddamn year except 2008, they end up clawing and scratching for a place in October and draining the last drop of youth and vitality from these supposedly bygone stars.

Whatever: Ichiro, Youk, and Wells are gonna get the Yankee voodoo and totally wreck the league, and I’ve learned to live with that. A-Rod is going to be a monster when he re-appears…haha, okay, maybe not…but maybe.

We don’t talk about him anymore D. If we don’t talk about him, he doesn’t exist…at least that’s what I tell myself.

All I am reading is how the Yankees are done. Seeing them anywhere from 3rd to last in the AL East.

I am loving this. Every year we hear this same thing. I cannot wait for Monday!!!!


#46 is incredible. He’s not having any trouble with the Nats lineup so far.

K’d Werth looking to end the last inning. Vintage.

Then Pronk beats out an infield single and Wells hits a double off the wall…


Overbay is about to do some damage.

NUNEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 2-run single…

3-0 Empire.

(I gotta get into game shape too you know)


Stew singles to RF, Nuneeeeeeee holds but Stew goes for 2nd and Nuneeeeeeee is able to score!!!!



Pettitte is a god. Another K to end the inning after they got an unearned run on Overbay’s E…

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