I apologize for my light posting, but owing to overseas travel and now some midwest travel, I’ve been out of pocket.  Sorry to have turned this site into, well, YF vs. Nobody, but I am back now and hopefully will get to see some actual live baseball in the next few days.  Perusing the box scores, the standings, the dailies, and YF’s ramblings, I thought I’d grab some of my co-blogger’s posted stats from the previous thread, and add a few of my own.  When doing that, I see this:

  • Manny: .230 ba, .353 obp, .864 ops, 32 h, 10 hr, 24 bb, 34 rbi, 24 r
  • Wells: 2-4, 6.75 era
  • Millar: .236, 2 hr, 21 rbi
  • Foulke: 2-3, 7.29 era
  • Edgah: .247, .298 obp, 2 steals
  • Schilling: 3 starts, indefinite DL
  • Bellhorn: .237, on pace to break last year’s K record

That is some seriously underachieving talent of varying reputations. So how is this team sniffing first place, at 24-17?  Smoke and mirrors?  Underappreciated depth?  Luck?  What thanks do we owe a maturing Arroyo, a steady Tim Wakefield, a healthyish Wade Miller, and ‘Tek?  Are we Sox fans in for a 11-19 Yankee-esque run?  Or is this team poised for a 11-1 Yankee-esque run?  Which is it?  I, for one, am totally befuddled and wouldn’t be shocked at either, though the latter demands health and consistency, not the team’s forte at the moment.  Right now, we ought to be quite thankful our Beantowners are where they are.  I know I am.

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  • In the course of a season, players always appear to be over/underachieving for periods. And of course entire seasons can register at the top and bottom of a player’s natural productivity curve. SF knows this. The Sox deserve plenty of credit for where they are: Theo’s done a good job of insulating them against those ups and downs. But the Sox big concerns have to be Wells and Schilling. They went into the season knowing these guys were high risk. Covering for them on the long term is going to be a major challenge.

    YF May 21, 2005, 11:40 am
  • Arroyo’s good start actually belies a decreasing k-rate from last year. But he’s getting the job done and pitching out of jams. The team’s start just speaks to the depth of the team and also luck.
    Wells is going to have a nightmarish season in Boston. By year’s end he will be a hated figure in New England.

    Nick May 21, 2005, 1:13 pm
  • Who says we should wait until the end of the season? I started my smear campaign when they signed him. One, of a very few, mistakes made by Brian Cashman’s idol- of course I mean Theo.

    Brad-Sf May 24, 2005, 12:21 am

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