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P-A-V-A-V-O Spells Relief: Yanks-O’s Gamer

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Umps meeting about an interference call. REALLY stupid, because there’s no way Pudge interfered with the batter.

Oh nevermind, I see what it was–the ball bounced into Pudge’s glove, so he needed to tag him (which he didn’t). Ruling should have gone against the Yanks.

“…Ruling should have gone against the Yanks…”
no, the ump clearly called the batter out…mistake or not, he’s out…add to that, the “official” ruling was that he “abandoned his opportunity to advance to first base”…aka out of the baseline…lame, but correct…replay anyone?

Yeah, I know he’s out because he was called out, but I don’t think he ever left the basepaths… the replay I showed was a bad angle, but it showed him walk towards first, not the dugout. Anyone have a better angle?

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