With a little less than 4% of the season in, the Sox aren’t doing so hot. We’ll be shaking our heads looking back at being swept by the Brewers at Fenway if the Sox end up a game out of the playoff picture.

But today, it’s the Rangers at Fenway. Scheppers vs. Lackey on Monday Night Baseball. Comment away.

Today is the Yankees’ home opener, and the last one for Derek Jeter. The first time I saw Derek Jeter play baseball was at Silver Stadium in Rochester in his call-up season with the Clippers. The Orioles were the Wings’ parent team. I might not remember his first at-bat that game exactly right, but I think he hit a single, stole second, and came home on a single from the next batter, and was on base for what seemed like less than a minute. I went to the game with my friend Jake, a fellow Yankee fan and we both had a “holy shit” moment in how it came down. It felt special, seeing that kid play baseball with the future Yanks against the future Orioles at that grand old ballpark that was Silver Stadium.

It’s now a couple decades later. This time, it’s at home in the Bronx against the O’s, none of whose players were on that team back at Silver (which is gone now), and that long affiliation between Rochester and Baltimore is gone now as well. The one player at that game so long ago at Silver still in the game is Number Two. I’m going to watch some baseball today.

Comment away.

Both our teams find themselves at 2-3 on the first Sunday every team is playing. Will they be all even or further in the hole when action ends this afternoon?

Sabathia vs Hutchison and Gallardo vs Lester. Happy Sunday!

Deadly-awesome, chronically-injured Clay Buchholz takes on Wily “That’s My Name, Not a Description of My Pitching Style” Peralta. Bounce back and even the series.

Quietude. The Yankees haven’t scored, but have given up only one run and have two base runners in the seventh. Sorry about missing the gamer. Opening day little league festivities.

The Yankee rookie makes his major-league debut in Toronto at Rogers Centre. Comment away.

Boy, 2013 sure was a time, wasn’t it? Most everyone thought the Sox would fail, and instead they achieved ultimate success. Haha, haters. Today, they get the rings to show for it when Estrada faces Peavy.

But more importantly, it’s the home opener (NL opponent in home opener, so awkward), and we get to see Fenway Park, even it’s from a nation away.

The Sox did manage to take one series from the O’s at Camden Yards last year, but lost the season series 11-8. 2-1 on the road against the O’s to kick the season off would taste sweet. Spring struggler Felix Doubront battles Wei-Yin Chen in the rubber match. Tomorrow, the Sox get rings at Fenway. Comment away.

Kuroda pitched well yesterday, but not well enough to overcome the fact that the Yankees aren’t hitting anything. Maybe Brett Oberholtzer is the cure. Or, the Yankees struggle.

It’s Kuroda for the Yanks and Cosart for the Astros. The Yankees’ nominal “1-2″ starters might be collectively worse than their nominal “3-5″. But it’s the Astros (improved, but hardly a force). Comment away.

Postseason hero John Lackey (I’m still giggling) takes on sometimes-great, often-not Ubaldo Jimenez. It’s April, time to get that first win after that .000 record in March.

CC Sabathia gets the rock today as the Bombers begin their 2014 campaign on the road against second-place Houston, who by not playing already look better than they looked last season. BP has them projected to allow 807(!) runs, most in the majors, but the Astros do read to be a better team, even if it is because it’s nearly impossible to be worse and because of a deep farm system including future superstar Carlos Correa.

Lineups when I have them, enjoy the game and comment away!
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Title defense? Maybe. But I’m more inclined to think of this whole season as house money at this point (and the Rays look like the prime candidates for AL East triumph to me). The glorious 2013 season is in the rearview and our joy is down to embers. Perhaps we can stoke the fire when Lester takes on Tillman this afternoon at Camden Yards. Drop in and say hi if you’re watching.

$16M guaranteed for 2015, with a vesting option for 2016 based on plate appearances in 2015 as follows (taken from WEEI):

425 plate appearances – $11 million
475 plate appearances – $12 million
525 plate appearances – $13 million
550 plate appearances – $14 million
575 plate appearances – $15 million
600 plate appearances – $16 million

If Ortiz does not reach even the 425 PA threshold, there is a team option for 2016 at $10 million.

There is a team option for 2017. It’s scaled the same way the vesting option is for 2016, but the team has final say on whether they take on his contract in 2017 or not. That is to say: Ortiz will be paid by the Red Sox in 2016 no matter what as long as he reaches 425 plate appearances in 2015, but might not be in 2017 even if he reaches 425 plate appearances in 2016 since it’s a team option rather than a vesting option.

In any case, Ortiz is essentially guaranteed to end his career in a Red Sox uniform (he will turn 42 after the 2017 season ends). Consider this fan happy that the deal is done, is non-exorbitant, and we won’t have to hear much about this issue for another year and change.

Grady Sizemore is making it tough on JBJ, and giving the Red Sox something to think about.

And the Yankees are pounding the Red Sox in spring training today.

No game day for Yankee CF with game leg.