Screw Baltimore. Screw our pitching, defense, and offense too.

Today, Hutchison vs. Kelly. Come watch the Sox suck. It’s bound to last only a few more months.

The Sox earned their first sweep of the season (!) on Sunday in extra-fun fashion to go into the off-day. Having been held scoreless through 7, they exploded for 7 runs in 8th, the big go-ahead hit from Xander Bogaerts with 2 out–a double off the wall on a pitch inside and below his knees. Great swing, makes one optimistic about his future.

Now for these bastards from Baltimore who have been our nemeses the past few seasons. Our own Eduardo Rodriguez was once their own Eduardo Rodriguez till he was traded for now-Yankee-closer Andrew Miller, and his first two starts for the Sox at the MLB level have been superb (14 2/3 IP, 5 H, 4 BB, 14K, 1 ER). He faces his old organization and Miguel Gonzalez as he attempts to stave off regression to the mean for one more start.

What a blergh of a first third of a season for the Sox, huh? There’s no doubt I’ve been following less intensely than in the past, and not just because they’ve kinda stunk (though not so bad in the very recent past). For the first time in a few years, I didn’t go to a ball game when the Sox were in Seattle. Because the money and time away from family seemed too much. Maybe the fire’s died a little bit, but I’m still peeking at box scores and feeling a little thrill when I check my phone after an hour of not looking at the score at work. I’m hopeful the Sox can right the ship a bit and get right back in this tepid division race. But my heart won’t break in half if they don’t, like it would have even 3 years ago…well, I guess if they lost it on the last day of the season again, that would hurt. But anyway, the volume’s just turned down a little bit. I’ve invested in just the Gameday app instead of MLB.TV for the season. Which just adds to the distance between me and this team. But I’m still around. And a big Sox surge could get me palms-sweating and heart-pounding again.

Pineda looking good.


The holiday was not kind to the Sox as their starter (Kelly) gave up more runs (7) than he got outs (5). Today, Buchholz takes on Pelfrey in another ERA mismatch, though we hope this one somehow goes in the Sox’ direction.

Going for .500 again, only 2.5 back of the division-leading Yankees, and coming off a nice Papi/Napoli blastfest win yesterday, the Sox send Kelly to the hill to take on rookie Klein making his first major league start. Go Sox.

4-2 so far on their AL West trip, the Sox finish it against the Mariners today, with a chance to reach .500 again if the sputtering offense is successful against James Paxton. The Sox (who demoted Masterson recently) send knuckleballer Steven Wright to the hill, in what surely must be one of his last chances to prove he can really stick as a major leaguer. Wright will turn 32 this August. Not that I’m not older than that myself, but we’re talking about baseball years.

Last time the Sox did that? Almost three weeks ago. Yikes. It helps that the A’s are mired in a six-game skid. Masterson vs. Pomeranz. Neither looks likely to go deep or give quality innings, but we’ll see.

Kicking off a west coast road trip that’s just a week long, the Sox face Kazmir (how long has that guy stuck around, huh? I have some bad memories of him kicking the Sox’ collective ass on a few occasions) while sending perhaps their most reliable starter Porcello to the mound. Really haven’t had much time to watch any baseball, perhaps I’ll make an exception for this game…

At Rogers, Sanchez will take on Miley. Miley has been the biggest disappointment in a series of them in the rotation, for my money. Hopefully the extension making him ours for a stretch is not one we regret.

Downed 4 times in a row, the Sox send Porcello out there to take on Smyly. The game the Sox last won was one Porcello started, and he had one of the few truly great outings a Sox starter has had this year. Here’s hoping his peripheral stats are the truth, and not the more obvious ones.

It’s Whitley at Rogers Centre facing knuckler Dickey.

Comment away, eh?

Odorizzi takes on Buchholz in a rematch from the recent past. We lost that game if you can imagine, though not because Buchholz was terrible, oddly enough.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for the guys in red and white, as they fell on the strength of a milestone A-Rod homer, and lost their primary, journeyman-ish catcher, Hanigan, to a hand injury. That’s Vasquez down for the year and Hanigan for a good stretch as well if you’re keeping score on catching injuries.

The bright side? Blake Swihart, yet another catching prospect, makes his way to the bigs. Let’s see if he’s what he’s cracked up to be. Might need some offense with Miley on the mound against Eovaldi in today’s earliest game of the day.

Masterson versus a lineup of lefties and this year’s Red Sox versus the Sabathia of the last year plus. Time for some offense, boys.

Tanaka out for a month minimum. In the meantime, Michael Pineda and the Yankees host the Rays and Drew Smyly in a getaway game before the Bombers go to Boston on Friday.

Comment away.