Watching this rotation has been just the pits. The absolute pits. Score 4, and Buchholz immediately gives up 5. Score 8 on the night, and lose by 3.

With the off-day tomorrow, tonight’s game will close out April action as two porn-ish surnames clash: Dickey faces Porcello to determine whether the Sox end April just over or exactly at .500.

Chase Whitley gets a spot start as the first-place Yankees (!) look to defend their lead in the AL East. Jake Odorizzi pitches for the SatanFish. Comment away.

The Sox have won every single first game of a series this year, including rallying yesterday from down 3-0 in the 1st, 5-2 in the 4th and 5-4 in the 8th. As they try to win a series today, it’ll be Hutchison vs. Buchholz.

The starting pitching…well, it’s nearly as bad as we could have imagined, huh? And half our lineup can’t hit .200 at the moment. Four wins at minimum owed to other teams’ flubs. A fairly demoralizing weekend between the drubbing yesterday and the walkoff loss Saturday.

Still, looking forward to another round of crotch-kicking-level agony. Back at Fenway after their 2-4 road trip, the Sox take on the birds of the blue variety for the first time. Aaron Sanchez vs. Joe Kelly.

Which is Superman and which is Batman? I don’t know, really. It’s a crap metaphor anyway. Jon Niese v. Nathan Eovaldi in the rubber match on Sunday Night Baseball.

Comment away.

Sox trailed in the 9th, tied. Went up in the 10th. Lost it in the bottom half. I picked the wrong day to buy a month of MLB.TV. The rubber match features Miley and Norris. Let’s blow this joint.

Lost a series for the first time (this time, the offense let us down: thanks for trying, good-Buchholz), tied with two others in the East for 1st and only 2 ahead of the cellar-dwelling team we face today. This Sox team is one that owes at least three wins so far to the opposing team giving the Sox 4/5/6 outs in an inning. Might be a long summer (again). Today it’s Porcello vs. Gonzalez.

These Miracle Mets have won eleventy hundred games in a row, and that’s a big thing, if you are a Mets fan. Jacob deGrom will be on the bump for the hottest commodity in hyperbole. Meanwhile, in the real world, the Yankees are sending Pineda to the bump.

Let’s do this thing.

5-1 lead crumbled to 7-5 loss last night. At least Pedroia and Papi are on pace for 40 and 30 HR, respectively. One more shot at the series. Clay “Bipolar” Buchholz vs. Jake “Eggs” Odorizzi.

Adam Warren faces David Price at Comerica. Price has allowed one earned run in three starts. Yikes. That’s some regression to the mean fodder right there.

Joe Kelly vs. the rookie Karns. It is difficult to believe the Sox are on the verge of being 4-1-0 in series to start the season. Let’s win this one since we go to Camden “F***ing” Yards this weekend.

Justin Verlander is being sat today to figure out what ails him, so the Yankees face southpaw Kyle Lobstein, who has eight major-league games to his name of which one was a win over the Yankees last August. Nathan Eovaldi got no decisions from his previous two starts for the Bombers this season. It’s hard to be cheerful after Sabathia took the loss last night after the mini-rally by the Tigers in the seventh, but hey, it’s only April and the Yanks are only two away from Boston. Chin up.

The standard line on the Sox in the decades leading up to 2004 was that they had the bats but not the arms. That trend appears to have come around again, as the Sox have the worst starters’ ERA on the young season in the AL and have scored the second-most runs per game in the AL (behind KC).

Still, perhaps today’s starter will improve his stock. Wade Miley was destroyed last time against the Nationals. Today, he takes on Archer at the Maddonless Trop as the Sox look to keep not losing series.

The Yankees have CC on the bump against the formidable Alfredo Simon at Comerica.  Comment away.

Forgot this was a 4-game series. The weather forecast is about as dire as the pitching matchup for the Sox (Chen vs Masterson). A win would end the series in a tie. Let’s see if they play the earliest game of the year.

Michael Pineda and the Yankees take on the Rays who have rookie Matt Andriese on the mound in a getaway game at the Trop. After the Yankees try to sweep the series, it’s off to Tiger Town.

Comment away.