The two East division leaders have a shot to close out their division title tonight by beating the 2nd place team (Baltimore vs. Toronto with a tragic # of 1, and Washington vs. Atlanta with a tragic # of 2–Miami also has a tragic # of 1, so a Nationals win will eliminate them as well).  The AL West will take at least another day past this to wrap up (and should likely be done before the weekend arrives with the A’s tragic # at 3).  The Central titles are still in flux (though KC is closer to Detroit than Pittsburgh is to St. Louis) along with the NL West (LA has only gained ground since this past weekend).  The best record race in the AL is still vaguely competitive with Baltimore 4 behind LA.  In the NL, the best record is still anyone’s game as St. Louis, the trailing division leader, is only 3.5 behind Washington and LA just a half-game back of the NL East beasts (hell, San Francisco still has an unlikely chance, 4.5 back).

Each wild card race features 3 teams fighting for 2 spots in the 1-game playoff.  In the AL: Oakland (+1.0), KC (–), and Seattle (-2.0) are the realistic contenders with Toronto, Cleveland, and NY still outside shots.  In the NL: San Francisco (+ 2.5), Pittsburgh (–), and Milwaukee (-1.5) are the competitors, while Atlanta and Miami hang out on the fringes.  Hopefully at least one of these comes down to the last day.

NY can’t have felt great hopping on a plane after Sunday Night Baseball to travel half the coast after giving up the 2 critical runs in the bottom of the 9th.  But the show must go on as Capuano takes on Colome at the Trop.  NY tries to keep its postseason tragic number from dipping into single digits (though that’s not entirely up to them).

In progress. 1-0 Yankees in the middle of the 2nd as the Yanks jockey for wild card positioning and the Orioles step closer to shutting the door on the division when Kuroda takes on Tillman.

Figured I should start this up because, somewhat incredibly, two teams will likely be division champions within a week, likely sooner: the Orioles (magic #5 vs. Jays, but the Yankees are also still technically in the division race with a tragic number of 4) and the Angels.  The Orioles deserve their spot here, with a very solid run differential and a pretty darn good starting staff and offense, with some great bullpen pieces (including Andrew Miller, traded from the Red Sox in his free agent year, who’s seemingly found his place in baseball after many years of not quite getting there as a starter).  The Angels surged mightily after the August/September collapse by the A’s, and they are a decent bet to win 100 games (need to go .500 the rest of the way)–though they did lose a very effective starter to injury for the season recently when he pitched against the Red Sox.  The NL East is also a technicality now, with Washington’s magic # at 6.

The Central division races are still fraught with Detroit and KC in a dogfight and Cleveland on life support in the AL, and St. Louis with a decent, but not final, 3.5-game lead over Pittsburgh (who the Sox play soon) in the NL.  The NL West is really a great story, with San Fran holding the lead early in the season, the Dodgers taking it and holding it most of the season, and now a true fight to the finish.  Yesterday, with the Dodgers holding a 1-game lead over the Giants, LA beat SF 17-0 to slightly lengthen that lead.

We’ve beaten them for two games in a row and all five in the season series.  And that’s felt pretty good at the time.  But I still can’t shake the feeling that the Royals should be winning and giving their fans something to cheer for.  But they can’t “just” win, they have to fight; we need to make it honorable, dammit.

So beat us, Royals.  Take it from us, we are highly beatable!  De La Rosa vs Guthrie.

Having endured a twin-bill sweep yesterday (and a heartbreaking loss in the first game), the Yanks look to keep their wild card hopes alive at 5 GB of Seattle and KC (with Oakland a mere half-game ahead of them…what a terrible second half for the A’s).  Once more unto the breach, dear enemies.

The Rays are still several days from being officially eliminated, while the Red Sox have succumbed to inevitability.  The Royals are fighting for a division title and the Yankees for a wild card spot.  Will the contenders take the day or will the spoilers put a kink in their October plans?  Pineda vs. Cobb and Buchholz vs. Hendriks.

With the Red Sox tragic number at one, and a day game between Chen and Workman, I went looking for poems about death and found this beauty by Edna St Vincent Millay:


And you as well must die, belovèd dust,

And all your beauty stand you in no stead;

This flawless, vital hand, this perfect head,

This body of flame and steel, before the gust

Of Death, or under his autumnal frost,

Shall be as any leaf, be no less dead

Than the first leaf that fell,this wonder fled,

Altered, estranged, disintegrated, lost.

Nor shall my love avail you in your hour.

In spite of all my love, you will arise

Upon that day and wander down the air

Obscurely as the unattended flower,

It mattering not how beautiful you were,

Or how belovèd above all else that dies.

Missed yesterday’s game.  A 4-0 loss.  So I wouldn’t say I missed it, really.

The next 12 are against contenders.  5 vs. Balty, 4 vs. KC, and a 3-game set with the Crew.  The Sox can lose all those games, whatever.  I’d rather a team with a suffering fanbase get some permanently happy memories than Red Sox fans get a transient, meaningless happiness for several minutes before we contemplate the end of the season some more.  But I’ll still be rooting for a win on a given day.  Tonight’s fail is brought to you by Tillman and Ranaudo.

The Yankees have no more off-days and a doubleheader with Baltimore this Friday (makeup for an August game) and all their remaining games are against the AL East.  The schedule is TB, @BAL (4), @TB, TOR (4), BAL (4), @BOS.  I don’t envy the Yankees the task of trying to grab a wild card spot (wait a minute, yes I do, the Red Sox’ tragic # is 3).  That quest begins with Archer vs. Kuroda at Yankee Stadium.

That light at the end of the tunnel that the Red Sox see is a train bearing down on the 2014 season to send it into oblivion, where it belongs.  It remains to be seen whether that light the Yankees see is the same train or the golden glow of the postseason.  Ventura vs. Greene in the rubber match at Yankee Stadium and Dickey vs. De La Rosa as the Sox go for a sweep at Fenway Park.

Sorry so late and for forgetting yesterday: Yanks took the 1-0 loss against an excellent Shields yesterday and KC widened their division lead.  Now it’s McCarthy vs. Duffy.  This would look pretty rough for the Yankees, but Duffy was lost after the very first pitch and it’s been the Yankees’ day since with a 6-2 lead in the 7th.

Of the Sox’ 7 remaining series, 5 are against AL East opponents, one series each against all our familiar foes at Fenway Park (Balty gets to face us twice in that span, once at each venue, the lucky bastards–the other two series are a 4-gamer against KC on their turf and a series in Pittsburgh).  This is the last series against the Blue Jays, and I’ve seen all I want to see of both Hutchison and Webster, though obviously for different reasons.  At least this one should be merciful in its quick death unlike last night’s horror show.

In this rubber match, we’ve got Workman (who’s turned back into a pumpkin for some time now) and Capuano (a Red Sox castoff that the Yanks have gotten decent value out of).  It’s unlikely to matter in the end, but Ortiz hit one out to right in the 1st for a 1-0 lead while Gardner just doubled off Workman with 2 out.

The Yankees are a significantly better team than the Red Sox this year, so winning a game with two rookies going off seemed unlikely, but Xander and Mookie delivered, so here we are.  If the Sox win today’s game, they’ll not only take the series, but they’ll have won two of the three series at Yankee Stadium this season (the Yankees are currently winning the season series 8-6)…and pushed the Yankees a little closer to the brink (currently 5 GB of the second wildcard).  That seems not entirely likely when the matchup is Kuroda and Ranaudo, but hey, Ranaudo won his first three starts.  Let’s keep that going.

Between a higher slot in the draft or dragging the Yankees down into irrelevance, I’ll take option B, please.  Kelly takes on Greene in the kickoff battle between the 2nd and 5th place AL East teams.  NY starts the day 4 behind Detroit, tied with Cleveland and 2.5 behind Seattle.