PH check: he’s having a truly decent season, with the biggest change from the last several years by not giving up the long ball regularly AND he isn’t walking ANYBODY, with a .9 BB/9 rate, while his K-rate is right where it always has been. That’s good stuff for Phil, answering everything as a Twin that the Yankees wish he could have figured out in the Bronx. Grumble. As Phranchise mans the mound for the TCTs, Tanaka looks to “bounce” back from a two-run CG loss delivered via Napoli and Boston, which more accurately means, “pitch just like you did last time and hope that your teammates score more than one or two runs.”

Enjoy your ball game, have a safe and happy holiday, and comment away.

Yanks just joined the Sox in sub-.500ville.  Unlike us, they may escape one day soon.

The Red Sox have had good, like, REALLY good starting pitching in recent times.  If their offense were average, they’d be competing for the divison.  Their offense is much worse than average.

They will try not to be swept by the loveable losers today, as Wood (Travis, not Kerry) takes on Workman.  Let’s score more than one this series!  Wooo, lowering the bar!

Getaway gamer in the Bronx got away from me.. Yanks are down 5-3 in the sixth as they wrap up their homestand before hitting the road until the break.

Price and Kuroda on the mound as the Battle for second best continues.

Edwin Jackson vs. Clay Buchholz.  Now there’s a couple of names that once inspired respect, and at this moment, inspire titters from opposing fans.  Still, I’d actually put pretty decent odds on the Sox to win this game.  But I’ve been known to be wrong tens of thousands of times in my life before.  Try to win another series, Sox.

The Cubs, Orioles, and White Sox (4) are the slated opponents in Boston over the next week and a half (off-day this Thursday).  If the team wants the front office to bolster them instead of sell off pieces, they need to go like 8-2 in that stretch.  That’s pretty hard for a team that usually struggles to score 3 runs in a game, but hey, the Cubs and White Sox are pretty bad.

Though Jake Arrieta is not (this year).  Let’s see if Peavy can do it.

Archer v. Phelps. But the real battle coming out of the Boston series is Bombers v. bedtime: games every day through July 13th. The Yanks have lost their last two series, and after facing the Rays for this set plus their previous three against the Sox, go on the road for nine games in nine days in Minnesota, Cleveland, and (please don’t go to) Baltimore before the All-Star Break. Summer must be here. I just chewed off all my fingernails after a Yanks-Sox series. Comment away.

Both teams attempt to win a series, and Boston looks down the barrel of a lost season.  Of the 13 games the Red Sox will play before the All-Star Break (after this one), 10 are at home and the last 3 are on the road against Houston.  If they don’t go on a major tear in that stretch, surrender is the only logical recourse.  So let’s see how tonight goes for a start as Mookie Betts makes his MLB debut (and in fact, his first plate appearance at this moment after Drew singled a run in).  It’s almost the 4th of July.  4-day week, peeps.

Lester vs. Tanaka.  Now THAT’S some baseball, right thurr.  The Sox couldn’t get even 1 off Nuno.  Can they scratch a run off one of the league’s best?  Doesn’t matter in the big scheme, but I’d like to see a blip of offense even if they lose by 15.  Comment, mangs.

Both teams have similar sucky pythags, but NYY has managed to rise above .500.  Sox not so much.  Yanks are a game out of the 2nd wild card, Sox are 6 out.  The Yanks have a legitimate chance at the postseason with a trade or two.  The Sox…well, we’re halfway through the season, and the kids would have to pick up a lot of slack.  Speaking of which, “extremely successful starter in 10 games or so” Brandon Workman takes on Vidal Nuno in the Bronx.  The Sox stand a decent chance here, though if asked what the Red Sox run total for the game would be, if we set the under/over at 3.5, I pick the under.  Comment away.

My glove is rotten to the core

But let’s talk to the glove

Curb-stomped twice in a row by the Mariners, the Sox look to avoid getting swept and throw Buchholz out there again after some AAA rehab.  Iwakuma is the opposing pitcher, so avoiding a sweep is seeming unlikely.  Oh wells.  About halfway there.  If things don’t change dramatically in the next 2-3 weeks, it’s time for the Sox to start selling pieces that have no place in their long-term plan and can get them any kind of reasonable return.  Peavy?  Pierzynski?  I doubt they’re trading Lester if they’re hoping to extend him or Uehara if they want to sign him for next year, but who knows what kind of offer could be put on the table?  Good luck!

At Yankee Stadium recently, the Jays were swept.  Now the Jays have the chance to strike back (sweep back?) on their home “field”.  The Yankees will be 3 above or 1 above .500 at the end of the contest (2.5 or 4.5 GB).

Kuroda vs. Hutchison.  Comment away.

With my lovely wife beside me and Lackey taking on King Felix. What more could a fan want? A win.

Both teams lost yesterday.  In the Yanks’ case, it broke a four-game win streak.  In the Sox’ case, it became part of a three-game losing streak.  Today, Tillman duels Tanaka in a rubber match, while Lester takes on Milone as the Sox try not to be 4-game swept.  Happy rest of the weekend.  Getting closer to the 4th of July!

The A’s are pretty much the model of “grab other team’s castoffs and make them awesome, find the market inefficiencies, and stay competitive year after”.  Of course, that’s led to exactly one postseason series victory (and they were swept in the ALCS immediately thereafter), but I dunno, I think they really may have the pieces to go far this year.  Certainly a team like the Red Sox is unlikely to shift them from their present course of destroying the AL.

Rubby De La Rosa takes on Jesse Chavez.  Here’s hoping for one of De La Rosa’s scoreless outings because that’s pretty much what it takes for the Red Sox to win a game these days (and even then, no guarantees).