The Red Sox have won all three of their series 2-1 and are on pace to score just over 1,000 runs this year without the offense firing on all cylinders as yet. But Masterson had nothing last start, Miley just got pounded, and Buchholz was awful on Sunday. Kelly hasn’t had a second start yet, either. The Red Sox also owe at least a couple of their victories in part to the opposing defense playing like sh*t. I would put good odds on them to lead the AL East in runs scored AND allowed. With only Porcello appearing to be reliable (and I would have said this even before the season started), I’m not so sure they can keep this up.

Of course, scoring 1,000 runs would certainly help.

Scoreless after the top of the 1st. Eovaldi vs Norris to see who wins the series.

The Red Sox tied and went ahead for good with 3 runs in the 7th without the benefit of a walk or a hit (the series of fails on display by the Nats was truly a sight to behold). I read on SoSH that this is the first time this has happened in a number of decades. Speaking of a number of decades, this is the first time the Red Sox have won the first three series since the early ’50s. Crazy.

Today’s 1:35 ET start features Gonzalez for the Nats and Miley (first name Wade, not last name Cyrus) for the Sox. Let’s see if the 6-2 Sox can earn their first sweep of the season.

I imagine it is a common homonym error, but it is personally a fond memory for me when I sat down to watch a game and my young son thought, several years ago, that the Yankees were playing the cookies. Unfortunately, it’s the O’s that own the cookie jar and have won 13 out of the last 19 meetings. Miguel Gonzalez for the Birds, with C.C. Sabathia coming off a disappointing debut.

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The Sox look to go 3 for 3 on the young season, as they have won series against the Phillies and Yankees and look to win one against the Nationals. Mookie Betts exploded yesterday in the first two innings, robbing a Harper homer, stealing two bases in one go (when the shift on Papi let him run for 3rd when the pitcher didn’t cover), and homering into the Monster seats. That was fun, but the season is young. Your hurlers today are Strasburg and Masterson. Starts at 6:10 Eastern.

The Yankees were 6-13 against the the Orioles last year. There is no reason to expect more this season. If you are going to go to Baltimore, enjoy some local music along with some soft shell crab.

Really? The season opener AND the home opener? Just doesn’t feel right.

The Sox have won their first two series (on the road!), but the same old worries about Buchholz and this season’s worries about the starting staff as a whole may well be founded after last night. Zimmermann takes on Porcello in the first Fenway game of the year, and the Sox try not to lose two in a row for the first time.

Let’s see what prize awaits us tonight on ESPN with Buccholz and Tanaka in da Bronx.

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Devine is away, and I have been dealing with RL stuff. Tried to post gamers from my phone and failed miserably. I’m back at the wheel, albeit belatedly.

Sabathia vs. Norris, who should so be a Texas Ranger. Instead, his bluegrass roots are with the Blue Jays, who are no longer a threat to go undefeated over a 162 game season, but watch for them Royals! Comment away.

Our own prodigal Masterson was great for a while and did well with us back when. Now he takes on Buchanan as our expensive scrap heap project looking for an opening series victory on the road. Turn back the clock, Justin.

So far it looks like the real deal.

Fun to watch the highlights of Game 1 on vacation, now we go for a series win to start us off. Porcello vs Harang. Let’s see some more Red Sox homers!

After the season opener loss for the Yanks, it has to get better. That’s just simple geometry, man, everything back to the normal. Or mean. Or what did I mean? 161-1 is the new goal. Love opening day, full of all new possibilities. Therefore it has to be a good thing that Ty Hensley is going to get a figure eight knot tied in his arm, right?

Oops forgot about the time zone thing. I should just set my phone to east coast and me done with it, live my life that way.

Comment away and happy baseball.

I don’t know what to make of this team at all. Their pitching varies so widely in the worst and best I could imagine of them. I do think the offense will be alright…that anyone not working or injured by mid-June could do okay with AAA covering it. Hope for a high-80’s win team. Buchholz vs Hamels. Drop in and say hi in the comments.