Curb-stomped twice in a row by the Mariners, the Sox look to avoid getting swept and throw Buchholz out there again after some AAA rehab.  Iwakuma is the opposing pitcher, so avoiding a sweep is seeming unlikely.  Oh wells.  About halfway there.  If things don’t change dramatically in the next 2-3 weeks, it’s time for the Sox to start selling pieces that have no place in their long-term plan and can get them any kind of reasonable return.  Peavy?  Pierzynski?  I doubt they’re trading Lester if they’re hoping to extend him or Uehara if they want to sign him for next year, but who knows what kind of offer could be put on the table?  Good luck!

At Yankee Stadium recently, the Jays were swept.  Now the Jays have the chance to strike back (sweep back?) on their home “field”.  The Yankees will be 3 above or 1 above .500 at the end of the contest (2.5 or 4.5 GB).

Kuroda vs. Hutchison.  Comment away.

With my lovely wife beside me and Lackey taking on King Felix. What more could a fan want? A win.

Both teams lost yesterday.  In the Yanks’ case, it broke a four-game win streak.  In the Sox’ case, it became part of a three-game losing streak.  Today, Tillman duels Tanaka in a rubber match, while Lester takes on Milone as the Sox try not to be 4-game swept.  Happy rest of the weekend.  Getting closer to the 4th of July!

The A’s are pretty much the model of “grab other team’s castoffs and make them awesome, find the market inefficiencies, and stay competitive year after”.  Of course, that’s led to exactly one postseason series victory (and they were swept in the ALCS immediately thereafter), but I dunno, I think they really may have the pieces to go far this year.  Certainly a team like the Red Sox is unlikely to shift them from their present course of destroying the AL.

Rubby De La Rosa takes on Jesse Chavez.  Here’s hoping for one of De La Rosa’s scoreless outings because that’s pretty much what it takes for the Red Sox to win a game these days (and even then, no guarantees).

The Yankees have won four in a row, came back from 2 down in the 9th last night, and recently swept the division leaders.  Making a bid, big time.  Anyone catch the Jays game?  They were down 8-0 after 2, tied it at 9 by the 8th, and won 14-9 after Encarnacion’s second 3-run homer of the game in the 9th.  The Jays are just 1.5 in front of the Yanks.

Attempt at win #5 in a row is almost underway, with Nuno taking on Norris.  Comment away.

Yesterday the Red Sox scored 2 runs.  For the first time in three games, that was not enough to win.  Because the A’s are not the Twins.

Today, Doubront returns from injury (?), and takes the spot of the thus-far-very-effective Workman (whose 6-game suspension was finally upheld).  He takes on Brad Mills, whose MLB career thus far has been less than stellar, but whose recent AAA stats are pretty great.  Doubront has been very good for long stretches (and provided some extremely good relief efforts in the Sox’ October run last year), but has never had a sustained full-length season of success.  Hopefully he’s back on track and they can send De La Rosa down for more seasoning, but we’ll see!

The Yankees finished their visit with the Beast-Leading Jays and come away with a sweep of the coop. Now the O’s come to town, and Ubaldo Jimenez gets the chance to knock the Yankees of their perch. Hiroki Kuroda takes the bump in the Bronx. Comment away.

Hutchison (pitching for the Jays) has been fantastic on the road and horrible at home.  Will that continue today at Yankee Stadium?  Phelps opposes, baseball disposes.

The two starters today, Buehrle and Whitley, were born 10 years apart, but each of them is having an excellent beginning to the season.  (How the f*ck is Buehrle keeping pace with Tanaka in wins?)  Maybe this game will follow the Twins-Sox template and be a suspenseful stand-off.  Or maybe the random number generator will spit out double-digit runs for both teams.  Either way, there’ll be some fun.  Off we go.

The Sox attempt a sweep in this getaway day game before they head to the west coast for a week (4 in Oakland, 3 in Seattle, I’m headed to Monday night’s game).  Lackey takes on Kyle Gibson in what would appear to be yet another excellent pitching matchup.  And remember: BROCK HOLT.

Thanks for your time, Grady.  It appears your offensive and defensive skills are not what they once were.  Too bad, so sad.  Here’s a million dollars and change to make you feel better (no, you won’t be earning those plate appearance/days on roster bonuses, thank you).

In the meantime, the Sox won another 1-0 game yesterday, and Rubby caught fire after a slightly rocky start to have a perfect innings 4-7.  Gooooooooood.  Next, we’ve got Hughes vs. Lester.  Which looks like a more competitive matchup now than it would have at the beginning of April.  But Hughes has sucked at Fenway (against better offensive teams than this, sure) and hopefully he will continue to do so.  And stop sucking so much, offense.  Comment away.

Marcus Stroman got his first big league start two weeks ago at home against the Royals, and then he faced the Cardinals, picking up wins in each outing. His third start was last week against the Twins. He took the loss while Phil Hughes pitches seven scoreless. Tonight, the Jays host the Bombers at Rogers Centre with Tanaka on the bump for the good guys. Comment away.

It should be fairly obvious that this isn’t a championship-caliber team, and one that would require significant improvement to even take a peek at October, but that’s not really why we watch, is it?

Today, we watch because Rubby De La Rosa takes another shot at an MLB lineup.  Also, Correia is pitching for the Twins which leads one to hope for a win today, even if winning is not going to be the typical outcome for a given game.  Let’s see what this evening brings.

Both teams try to win a series (the Sox 3-1, the Yanks 2-1) today.  But mostly we’re waiting for basketball.  Kluber vs. Workman at Fenway right now, Nuno and Chavez in a few hours in Jeter’s final Oakland game (playoffs notwithstanding).  Happy Father’s day to gerb and the rest of the padres!

The Red Sox scored a season-high 10 yesterday, chasing Masterson after 2 with 5 runs.  What will we get when Peavy and House duel today?  A repeat seems unlikely, but in this likely 5 games within .500 season, at least watching stuff like Xander Bogaerts hitting a monstrous home run onto the light pole above the Monster still gives a good feeling.  Drop in and say hi if you’re watching.