The Yankees were 6-13 against the the Orioles last year. There is no reason to expect more this season. If you are going to go to Baltimore, enjoy some local music along with some soft shell crab.

Really? The season opener AND the home opener? Just doesn’t feel right.

The Sox have won their first two series (on the road!), but the same old worries about Buchholz and this season’s worries about the starting staff as a whole may well be founded after last night. Zimmermann takes on Porcello in the first Fenway game of the year, and the Sox try not to lose two in a row for the first time.

Let’s see what prize awaits us tonight on ESPN with Buccholz and Tanaka in da Bronx.

Comment away.

Devine is away, and I have been dealing with RL stuff. Tried to post gamers from my phone and failed miserably. I’m back at the wheel, albeit belatedly.

Sabathia vs. Norris, who should so be a Texas Ranger. Instead, his bluegrass roots are with the Blue Jays, who are no longer a threat to go undefeated over a 162 game season, but watch for them Royals! Comment away.

Our own prodigal Masterson was great for a while and did well with us back when. Now he takes on Buchanan as our expensive scrap heap project looking for an opening series victory on the road. Turn back the clock, Justin.

So far it looks like the real deal.

Fun to watch the highlights of Game 1 on vacation, now we go for a series win to start us off. Porcello vs Harang. Let’s see some more Red Sox homers!

After the season opener loss for the Yanks, it has to get better. That’s just simple geometry, man, everything back to the normal. Or mean. Or what did I mean? 161-1 is the new goal. Love opening day, full of all new possibilities. Therefore it has to be a good thing that Ty Hensley is going to get a figure eight knot tied in his arm, right?

Oops forgot about the time zone thing. I should just set my phone to east coast and me done with it, live my life that way.

Comment away and happy baseball.

I don’t know what to make of this team at all. Their pitching varies so widely in the worst and best I could imagine of them. I do think the offense will be alright…that anyone not working or injured by mid-June could do okay with AAA covering it. Hope for a high-80’s win team. Buchholz vs Hamels. Drop in and say hi in the comments.

The Cubbies host the Cards in Chicago, where this event will bring balance back to the universe after the long, dark night of the off-season. No more shall speculation, rumor and pretending to enjoy soccer be essential to stave off the encroaching void. Seeing Jon Lester outside with a baseball and (more significantly) a bear patch makes me happy, though he won’t be enough for the north side nine to get a taste of the post season because those Cardinals, in their resplendent red and white — so reminiscent of Lester’s former cloth — will not even notice the Cubs in their rear view mirror. It’s so tragic, really, for all involved.

I’m glad you’re back, baseball.

Play Ball

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It’s nice that he’s so vehement, even if that proves nothing. It’s also nice to hear directly about his background, his feelings about the Hall of Fame, and his disinterest in catering to certain people’s wishes when it comes to celebrating home runs. I was skeptical of Jeter’s website, professing itself to be a direct pipeline from the players’ brains to the fans’. But it has produced some interesting content.

Cuban IF and new #1 Boston prospect Yoan Moncada signed by Red Sox.

… if you hit it past short, because there were only three of us. Who hasn’t ever played snow ball? We came up with whole new ways to explain why our hands were completely frozen.

Now without even the faux-distraction of football, we await the spring and the attendant joy and heartbreak that are inevitably intertwined with the best game in the world. There are “truck days” and “pitchers and catchers” to “celebrate”, but the real thing seems hopelessly far away.

Come back, baseball. I want to swear you off a few more times this year.

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