Alex Rodriguez drops his lawsuit against the baseball world. What could possibly have changed his mind?

Nobody likes a quitter, they used to say.

Forty-seven-year-old Curt Schilling announced he has cancer. He and his wife Shonda, who herself has survived melanoma, have done much to raise money and awareness to help people who have to cope with and hopefully overcome cancer. Here’s hoping that he is successful in surviving and overcoming this very personal and real threat to his life.

“I want money” says Big Papi.

David Ortiz, who is later in his career compared to some of those who recently accepted or mull over team-friendly deals, would be willing to go to another team if it came to it.

To be fair, the quote in the article “it can be 10 years” (that his career could continue) is tempered in the full quote when he says something along the lines of “it can be two years, it can be three years, it can be 10 years”. So he must realistically understand the Sox shouldn’t be willing to go more than two years at a time.

I don’t care if they end up wasting a few dozen million dollars in the last two years of his career. It is unthinkable that he go anywhere else and they should keep him happy. Keep extending him by a year and deal with it when he breaks down.

Lester: “I want to win. If it means taking a Pedroia deal where you stay for less money to be happy and win every year, let’s do it”

I am enjoying this recent trend (Pedroia, Napoli, Pierzynski) of “I sure do like Boston, by golly. Sure, I will take fewer years and less money to play for your winning baseball team. Jolly good.” Hard to believe we’re just over a year removed from the chemistry and winning clusterf*ck of 2012.

Lester just turned 30 years old, had a tremendous 2013 postseason, and is a season away from his big payday. Given his comments, would 6/$105 do the job? 7/$120? That’s about the upper limit of rationality for this Sox fan (taking him to his age-37 season). If he tests the market, he gets 7/$150 easy, IMO (unless he just tanks it this season). And probably that money comes from the Yankees.

Oft-injured, out-of-baseball-for-a-while Grady Sizemore gets a 1-year major league contract. 750K base, up to 6 mil in incentives. Seems reasonable enough. A little more competition in spring training. If he breaks his knees in March, the Sox aren’t on the hook for much and he was once a truly awesome player on both sides of the ball in my memory. 31 years old and with about a million surgeries. We’ll see if he can shove JBJ back to the minors or what.

Tanaka is coming to The Stadium, according to Ken Rosenthal. What a nice way to start the day.

Details of the contract? Who cares. 7yrs, $155M if you have to a complete pedant.

The Yankees have Sabathia under contract until 2016, but Roc Nation grows.

Pitchers and Catchers

ARod is theoretically done for the entire regular season and post for 2014, though he may find some consolation that no other Yankees will be in the 2014 playoffs either. No reason stated why it was reduced from 211, and no reason stated why he got more than 50. ARod says he’ll see them in court, and maybe in spring training.

There’s all of your 2014 class, coming off of last year’s shut-out. There is no possible argument why these three shouldn’t get in immediately. The fun comes when 18 people (hopefully) explain why they didn’t vote for Maddux, and worse yet, explain why they didn’t vote for any of the other players with epic careers that are now locked out by prejudice. Poor Craig Biggio, he missed his ticket by two measly votes. Why do more than half of the voters not like Tim Raines? Moose had no traction at all, and it boggles my mind that he only got a 20% vote when Glavine goes in on the first ballot. We don’t have to pull the entire mess apart, because Jay Jaffe already did last week (missed this article.. great read). The voting results are past the fold.
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Brian Roberts (apparently “B-Rob” to many Orioles fans) is a Yankee for a year, and Franklin Morales and some guy named Chris Martin (apparently not the Coldplay singer) were traded to the Rockies for utility infielder Jonathan Herrera. I remember Morales very fondly in a Rockies uniform for giving up a gazillion walks in the 2007 World Series. Thanks for providing occasionally useful innings in the regular season and not screwing up so badly the Sox couldn’t recover in October, Franklin. Enjoy your ring!

“I’d better go tell Franklin.” “I think he meant ‘get’ Franklin…” “Franklin, guess whaaaaat?”

One year, 2.5M to play for Detroit. Good luck, big man. It seemed like you never really got things put together in the Bronx.

Kuroda to the Yanks for a year, Beltran to the Yanks for three years, Napoli to the Sox for two years (and apparently he left money from another team on the table…extremely reasonable deal for the Sox on a guy who played well over the course of the season and had a big hand in some October games). If 3B and CF are going to the young ‘uns, the Sox are finished patching holes.

10 years for $240 million is not for the faint of heart.  Nor apparently is it for the Steinbrenners.  The big winner: Jay-Z.  So long Robbie.

If you don’t follow the NL, you might not know this guy is a pretty darn good relief pitcher who hit a significant bump (injured) this past September. This is what I call “Just in case Uehara got Foulked this past postseason” insurance. 2 years.

Seven years, $153M. My MFRS is now a Bomber? I think of Gardner-Ellsbury-Ichiro on defense and I get a very warm and tingly feeling in my thing to be broken later.