Dickey the past and De La Rosa the future.  Who triumphs today in each team’s respective time-marking until the charade is over?  At least in September, most of the Sox games are likely to be with contenders and thus have some bearing on October.

The Yankees are 3.5 back of the wild card (though they gained no ground over the weekend as the team they’re chasing, the Mariners, matched them sweep for sweep) and only 6 behind Baltimore.  The Royals are looking for a division title (currently 2 ahead of Detroit).  These are two teams that are, or should be, playing with urgency.  Let’s see who gets closer to their dream when Pineda duels Shields in KC.

Having endured a truly miserable homestand, the Sox take their sh*tshow on the road to Rogers Centre.  80% of the season is in the books.  Let’s get this over and over and over and over with.  Buchholz vs. Happ.

I’ll be watching this game for at least part of the morning.  Sale vs. Capuano seems like a decent opportunity for the Yankee hater’s club to take a peek.  But baseball games have been known to turn out unlike the statistics would imply.

Today, the Sox look to earn loss #8 in a row as they pursue a higher spot in the draft.  Go Mariners.

Caroll and Kuroda at Yankee Stadium.  Young and Workman at Fenway Park.  Happy weekend!

I may find it difficult to keep it up in the face of actual game action, but as of this moment, I’d prefer the Mariners win the next few games, given 1) they are the local team for me, 2) are long-suffering with 3) a shot at the wild card game (0.5 back of Detroit for the second slot) and 4) the Sox are dead.  I picked a convenient time to go turncoat as today’s matchup is Hernandez (he of the sub-2.00 ERA) vs. Kelly.  Hopefully Ortiz hits a couple bombs and the Mariners win 10-3 or so.

Hopefully this guy turns out as talented as some of his Cuban brethren.

Wife’s back surgery today.  Starters are Keuchel/McCarthy (1 PM ET start time) and Shoemaker (tee hee)/De La Rosa respectively.

This team won 7 games in a row once.  Of course, that was immediately after they lost 10 in a row.

The Richards-Buchholz matchup we see today is the one that brought us the 19-inning game.  This time, the Sox should be put out of their misery long before they have to play 2-plus games’ worth of innings.  I mean, I guess I hope they win.  But hoping seems a pointless, maddening endeavor watching this team’s utterly worthless offense.  Against a good pitcher?  Thanks, I’ll re-read an Agatha Christie mystery.  They don’t tend to get ruined by Mike Trout homering over everything or tripling into the triangle.

The Astros score more runs than the Yankees do. The Astros.

But today, Michael Pineda pitches, and to think that he might throw a gem of a game when there is a small chance the Yankees will be the plucky underdog?

Nolan Ryan had a tough gig with that kind of joint.

Oberholtzer and Capuano tonight as the Yankees pursue the second wild card spot, just 3 back of Detroit and Seattle.  Comment if you got ‘em.

It will probably look a little something like this:




But what the hell, the Sox won this exact matchup in Anaheim a week and a half ago.  Comment away!

When these two teams met in Anaheim, the Sox took two out of three, losing a painful 19-inning affair in the process (and holding leads in the 7th and 14th innings).  Now the Angels lead their division by percentage points and have a chance to make it a half-game lead with Oakland idle today.  The Sox find themselves in the role of spoiler.  Can they impede the Angels’ progress again?  CJ Wilson and Brandon Workman hurl the 216-stitched ball today.

Sox trail by 6 in the 4th.  Yanks just went up by 1 in the 5th.  So more or less mirroring their season-long efforts.  Comment if you’re dropping by late!

The Sox held tenuous one-run leads of 2-1 and 3-2 in the late innings yesterday, but ended up losing 5-3 in extras.  Blergh.

The good news is De La Rosa pitches today and he has been a bright, bright star in a dark, dark season.  Peacock will oppose him and the two last-place teams will continue to be last-place teams.  Damn Tampa Bay for pulling off a surge the Red Sox could only dream of.