The Triple Crown was denied to California Chrome, but the Evil Empire goes for game two against the the Royalty of KC. David Phelps gets the go against Danny Duffy. It’s alliteration day.

Comment cruelly.

I’ll bet Lester and Scherzer come out firing bullets, but I’ll also bet that the Sox somehow lose this one by 6.  Losing 14 out of 21 will get you feeling that way.  Welp, let’s get this over with.

Rubby De La Rosa destroyed the opposition last time out.  7 innings, no walks, no runs.  Of course, that was against one of the worst teams in the AL (the Rays…what is this, any year before 2008?).  What can you do against the Tigers, Rubby?

RDLR will be opposed by Drew Smyly, so we’ve got “totally wacky baseball names” well-covered this evening.  Let’s see if any Boston outfielder gets a hit tonight!

Chase Whitley was decent in his last outing, a no-decision that saw the Yankees lose the game in the ninth when Robertson imploded. Last night, the bullpen held serve and the Yanks finally got a win against the Athletics. Tonight, Whitley and the Bombers face the Royals who send Jeremy Guthrie. Comment away. Is that still at thing?

In his eighty-three years he spent most of his time playing, managing, or coaching baseball, when he wasn’t getting married on a baseball diamond or dreaming about baseball, the greatest game ever invented.

Thanks, Gerbil.

And the Yankees are one game above .500 and falling fast behind the surging Blue Jays (who are one win from a .600 record 60 games in).  Their run differential is worse than that, but that’s neither here nor there…except for long-term prospects, maybe.

Chavez and Nuno toe the rubber.  Let’s see if the Yankees stay above water or even their record at 29-29.

So Workman (who pitches tonight, rain allowing, because he’s appealing, I think) gets a 6-game suspension for throwing behind a guy while Price hits a couple more guys after being warned for hitting Ortiz…and he gets nothing, not even a slap on the wrist.  JUSTICE!

Whatevs, just take down Kluber and the Clevelanders and nevermind the nonsense.

Kazmir and Kuroda.  The Yankees take on the AL’s best team.  Kazmir has had unsustainable success.  Will the Yankees correct his line?

10 in a row lost, 7 in a row won, 1 lost.  Let’s turn it around a little faster this time.

Peavy takes on House in round 2.  Let’s do this.

It’s a makeup game on what would have been an off-day.  And the Mariners are putting King Felix out there.  Reminds me of the game last year where the Sox drew Price for the second time in a week or whatever it was.  Snakebit by the weather/schedule.  Phelps is the other hurler of the day.  Let’s see how it goes.

Lackey is ours, and while he sucked for a long time due to injury, I doubt any Sox fans would take it all back given last year and this year (so far).  Masterson was ours until he wasn’t (you were pretty good while you were here, V-Mart).  He blossomed amazingly in Cleveland, and now we wonder whether maybe, maybe, maybe we should have held onto him instead of, say, the perpetually potential-filled Buchholz.

Masterson’s not doing so hot this year, though, particularly recently.  So maybe the Sox can scratch their way to win #8 in a row…they’d be a mere game under .500 if they manage it!

The Sox have won 6 in a row.  Today it’s Bedard (who’s been a pretty good reclamation project for the Rays) vs. Lester.  Here we go.  Lester just worked around allowing two on with one out in the 1st.  Let’s get seven.

Phil Hughes is on the mound at Yankee Stadium for the Minnesota Twins and his ERA is distinctly un-Hughesian…let’s see if the Yankees can undo some of that while Chase Whitley attempts to hold down the Twins.  3rd inning, no score.

Jake Odorizzi faces Sox rookie Rubby De La Rosa, who you might remember had mixed results in a September bullpen callup role last year.  Bad blood last night.  Hope this one ends the same way.

Tanaka has been extremely good, by far the Yanks’ most reliable starter.  Makes me sad the Sox seem to have got Japanese pitcher gunshy after Matsuzaka, given Darvish and Tanaka (so far).  It’s not like Irabu or Igawa frightened the Yanks off completely.

Tanaka will take on the substantially less excellent Correia today, in a game I would give 4:1 odds will be a Yankee victory.  Happy Saturday!

The Rays own the Red Sox thus far at 5-1 and swept them at the Trop at the tail end of the Sox’ 10-game slide.  David Price did his best to break it up this past weekend, spotting the Sox 5 in the 1st before Tampa eventually won in extras.  I wonder if his relative mediocrity will drive down his…wait for it…price at the trade deadline, as injuries and a regrettable offense have left the Rays fighting for 4th place with the Red Sox (only the Blue Jays have a positive run differential in this division right now…an extremely respectable +30 at that…only LA at +45 and Oakland at +100(!!!) are better in that regard in the AL).

Anyway, Workman is the guy who gets the call for the Sox in what is likely to be a string of rookies starting in place of the thus-far-crappy Doubront and thus-far-even-crappier Buchholz.  If we can’t win (and they can win 5 in a row if they do tonight!), at least we can watch the kids play.