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Paging Nick Johnson

Turns out the Sox might have a need for that 1B bat after all.

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as a current hip surgery recoverer (is that a word?) I can attest to the tightness and all that he may be going though, although my procedure was way more invasive. Hopefully it’s not another tear, and it’s just inflamation/aggravation and not something else

I’d say I’m upset, but it’d be a lie. Lowell is still a good hitter but balls are getting by him, and he’s like watching my grandmother run to first (grey hair and all). At some point, it’s time to either be the full time DH, or move on.
This team has the parts to improve itself at this position (or player upgrade), and I say do just that.
Short of being fleeced, Nick Johnson is a good move, but I wouldn’t give too much – this news certainly won’t help their cause on that front. They really should have tried to keep this hushed.

Hmm…seems like between Lugo, Green, and Lowrie (when he returns) they would be pretty well be able to lighten the load on Lowell. There is also the option of shifting Youk to third and playing Ortiz or Kotsay at first. Given Nick Johnson’s history, would he realistically be any healthier than Lowell?

He’s healthy this year, and I’m not sure I want Lowrie (huge question mark and injury concerns, as well), Green (due to regress any day now) and Lugo (vortex of suck) combining to pick up at bats from Mike Lowell, even if he has been pretty worthless lately both at the plate and in the field.

Looks like Baily is up from PawSox, playing 1st tonight Youk at third. I guess Lowell is headed for DL

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