Paging Wapner

Caught a bit of ESPN’s Yankees on Trial courtroom showdown before tonight’s episode of The Apprentice kicked in (sorry Kwame, but our money’s on Bill), and let’s just say the whole thing was a bit dispiriting. “Competitive balance” is a crucial issue for those of us who care about the pastime, so it was sad to see what could have been a serious discussion instead played as a sideshow starring Bruce Cutler and Alan Dershowitz, who seemed more interested in their own grandstanding than the subject at hand (about which, by the way, they seemed spectacularly ill-informed). Some of the right voices were there (Andrew Zimbalist, Jim Bouton), but watching them badgered for the benefit of a mock jury seemed pointless. The “town meeting” format employed so often by ABC’s Nightline would have been far more productive. And in that format, they’d have a lot better chance of pulling in Bud Selig and Don Fehr—and then things might really get interesting.

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