Panic Time?

Not according to The Boss. “I have a great manager in Joe Torre and general manager in Brian Cashman….It’s in their hands,” he says. Cashman adds “I have had no trade discussions.” But with a day off in the schedule, New York’s papers had some time to ruminate on the State of the Yankees and their .217 batting average, league leading error count, and dicey rotation. A roundup:

NYT: Beat writer Tyler Kepner has a nice package with a big graphic that points out the Yankee problems (some obvious, some less so): they’re aging, they’re slow, their hitting with men on has been poor, their defense is sketchy, and there’s not much down on the farm. Prognosis: None provided, but it’s not an inspiring report.

Daily News: The day’s most complete analysis comes from Anthony McCarron, who notes much of the above—particularly the lack of trade bait after the flameouts of Graman and Proctor—but suggests things are nonetheless likely to improve. Why? On offense, only Bernie seems to be a player “on the other side of the mountain.” Defensively, he notes that 5 of the 19 errors come from pitchers, so the overall number is somewhat anomalous. And Lieber and El Duque are on the way to bolster the starting staff. Prognosis: Problems exist, but things should improve.

The Post: Surprise! “April’s Not Too Early to Panic” according to a thin piece by the Post’s Mike Vaccaro. (The paper’s best baseball reporting today appears on Page Six—see below.) Also, a sidebar
listing Derek’s many career accomplishments (there to promote the Post‘s commemorative $2.99 Jeter token, on sale today only) seems ill-timed to say the least given his 0-25 skid—whoops!

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