Papelbon never wanted “Braveheart” to end

Jonathan Papelbon doesn't have a problem with the length of Sox-Yanks games. Check it out:

“Have you ever gone to watch a movie and thought, ‘Man, this movie is so good I wish it would have never ended.’ That’s like a Red Sox-Yankees game,” Papelbon said. “Why would you want it to end?”

Asked about having to potentially watch a movie in 30-degree temperatures, the closer offered a solution, simply saying, “Bundle up and drink beer.”

I'm going to confess something I've never had the courage to admit to my hyper-masculine friends: Braveheart was two battles too long. Also, William Vollmann needs an editor, and if you're watching a movie that's over three hours long, you're generally dealing with an overindulgent director who could have cut a lot more. Paul Thomas Anderson's best movie is probably the one that was just a little under 2 hours.

We're getting older here at yfsf, and I think I speak for all of us when I declare that Yanks-Sox games need to be shortened. After all, the longer these games go, the shorter out lives will be. Who can handle 4 straight hours of stress 19 times a year?!  These past ten years have likely taken ten years off my life. I was looking forward to those diapered years.

So how do we correct the situation? Any ideas?

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I’m becoming the “Party of No” around here…I disagree yet again!
I LOVE the long games between our two fine updstanding ballclubs. The regular season is so long that sometimes a May game between the Yanks and the Royals is so BOOOOO-ring…but Yanks vs Sox is hardly ever boring. That game last season that was what, 15 innnings long??? Amazing. I have no problem with the long games. It’s bigger than normal regular season games…

I’m 46 and I like the long games (though I would shorten the breaks between innings).
I always say: If you want a 2:45 game or a 3:00 game, then watch for 2:45 or 3:00 and turn the set off (or leave the park).

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