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Paper Trail

The curtain has been pulled back a little further and Dan Duquette starts shoveling. Thank you, Lou.

One question: who are MLB's Jay Bybee, Stephen Bradbury, and John Yoo? There's gotta be a memo somewhere.  

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I wouldn’t put it past Selig for being that dumb, but the more I think about it the more this seems like a case of federalism where teams acted out of their own interests. So I expect that some teams will have stories like Merloni’s while other teams will have been more oblivious.
Of course, the Bybee memo was open to Freedom of Information requests, where I don’t see any team or MLB memo being open to the same scrutiny. Still, all it takes is one high-level whistle blower with an axe to grind – maybe, eventually, Duquette himself.

> indicates the doctor was hired by the Player’s Association
You are correct and I should have made that clear when posting the link. I was trying to illustrate an example of an outlier (well, in this case a pariah) who made claims of tacit institutional acknowledgment of steroid use that were dismissed/met with muted reaction at the time due to potential motive and source.

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