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Part The Thirdist: This Time It’s Personal: Yanks-Sox Sunday Gamer

I don’t have ESPN so I will read the photons on this site intently for balls and strikes and insight. Or just for the funny. Sorry I am late, comment away.

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And Joshie lucks out with a deep fly to the triangle.
Homer anywhere else in Fenway, and anywhere else on the Eastern seaboard. for that matter.
I’ll take it……

Where the hell is krueg?
He should see Freddy do fairly well, all things considered.
Also lucky as hell.
Beckett looks like the island of Krakatoa in August 1883……..

Nice assist by Reddick after being totally dissed…
And Nunez of all people, ties it up.
Oh well would have been 2-1 without Reddicks ‘weak arm’

And as soon as I leave for a sec (to finish refinishing my kitchen table), I see Joshie has lost all command.
Gets a fly ball out of Swisher, though.
Ball one to Chavez….

Not watching dude…we’re going to lose and I don’t want to be all pissed off to start my week.
On the bright side though, I did read that Posada may be done so at least SOMETHING good will come out of this season. :)
Enjoy winning another World Series dude. I’ll be watching football and hockey.

Gardner HR after being struck out, maybe twice.
krueg is missing a goodie for a YF.
And now comes the white flag.
Morales in, and my morale is out.

I get home from wathing the new Planet of the Apes movie (fun stuff) to see that Nunez (who actually does have good pop but just doesn’t get much playin gtime) and Gardner (who has very little pop) have hit solo HRs. This series has been typical of these two teams: throw out what you would expect from looking at the starting pitcher line-ups and pop the No-Doz. Wheeler just looked great there d*&n him.

That was a clear strike, no?? Just because martin was crossed up doesn’t mean it wasnt’t right over the plate. Crawford scares me right now — this seems to be his breakthrough series

Varitek down 0-2. Then ball in the dirt gets away and Crawford goes to third. Makes it pretty tough to call that pitch again with the tying run on third now that Martin has failed to block it the last two times it was thrown.

I never should have turned the game on…my bad guys. I turned it on in the bottom of the 7th.
I’m going to bed. I cannot stomach the inevitable Sox walk off.
At least we didn’t get swept I guess. Yay Wild Card. Not.

Krueg: Mo has blown t vs. Baltimore, 1 vs. Toronto, and one vs. the Mets. And now one vs. Boston.
Looks like Hughes is coming in. Funny how that whole “are you going to a 6-man rotation thing” figurs itself out, huh? Hughes goes tonight, Nova takes his slot rather than a “6th” slot.

Here comes Hughes. This is interesting. As much as i would have wanted this game to end 10 minutes ago, I am very curious to see how Hughes handles this very sudden high-pressure duty.

Valentine the adrenalin poet:
“…..the oceanic effect of the crowd noise on the pitcher’s body”
or some such thing.
Reminds me of the end of “Darkness at Noon”

Ha. I think that might have been Orel Hersheiser talking about the impact of crowd noise on the pitcher dabize, but good point. QUick flyout by Youk, now Ortiz. This lineup is really pretty crazy good. The one guy that doesn’t scare me is the guywho just doubled and then scored the tying run…

Thats it
krueg was right
Bad for him but good for me….
Night all
And yes, IH, I suppose it could have been Hershiser. Just as ridiculous…..
Also, CC must enjoy getting an IBB as much as Reddick enjoys the walkoff.

I went to bed after the Sox failed to score in the 8th. Ugh, I’m really regretting that decision now!
That felt like a postseason series. One blowout, and two extremely close games that could have gone either way. It could have easily been a Sox sweep, and the Yanks could have easily won the series.

“Yanks could have easily won the series.”
But we didn’t. Because we don’t have it this year. The Sox do.
That series could have been the series where we proved we we Championship caliber but it was the opposite. The Sox made the plays, we didn’t.
I don’t even think ARod would have made a difference.

That article is enough to make any Sox fan (or any other kind of fan) who likes to take their baseball with a leavening of rationality either laugh or blush.
I thought the folks on RAB who were wingeing about the bias of the ESPN commentary last night were over the top and whiny.
Now I’m not so sure.
I think krueg has to mean that this article summarizes how it feels to him to lose to The Rival.
He’s right – I felt exactly this way about the Sox after that 2003 game that ended with Pedro’s meltdown.
But next day I also knew that the Sox could win (someday), just so long as we saw to the drawing and quartering of our idiot manager first.
K – you need to draw up an enemies list, sharpen some needles and make some dolls that contain toenail clippings from the right people (Levine maybe?).
You’ll feel much better – I know, because I did (metaphorically at least)!

To me that article just illustrates the end of an era. A great one.
Now I don’t know what to expect. Wild Cards and first round exits I guess?

Is Wally Matthews kidding? How dramatic…Listen I agree that Posada is a shell of what he used to be, but Jeter and Rivera are still very useful players (each to different degrees of course). When you are playing the best offensive team in the game, in a very offensive park, one pitch can change the game. I thought it was a great series and both sides should take some positives away from this battle for sure. Lackey was impressive when it wasn’t expected. Garcia was impressive when it wasn’t expected. What we continued to see is that neither team is afraid of the other teams big bad closer, but we already knew that. All in all not the ending the Yankees hoped for but not nearly as devastating as Matthews tries to make it.
This elderly core will be replaced by a new core, that’s life. There are a bunch of young players ready to step in, no need for violins and no need to feel pity for the Yankees. They just need to rip the band aid right off and keep the likes of Posada and Jones on the bench where they belong.

The Grady metaphor works for the Yanks just now because the one point of contact between the Matthews article and reality was the apparent inability of the NYY front office to say enough already to the old guard.
The Yanks have a great farm and great prospects to add to a crop of great younger players (Granderson, Cano, Gardner) that are already on the team.
As a Sox fan, I enjoy the inability of the Yanks front office to say no to ridiculous contracts to Jeter, Posada and ARod, but it has to be placed in perspective – much as I hate to say it, the Yanks are not going down for the third time anytime soon.
So to me, failing to rip the Band-Aid = failing to pull Pedro in the 2003 ALCS. Both could/can ruin things in the short term, but neither was/is a harbinger of Doom.

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