Pathetic: Sox-Pirates Gamer

There is no other way to describe our team right now. Another chance to play non-awful baseball presents itself today against a truly terrible pitcher in James McDonald. Andrew Miller throws for the Sox.

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Two balls hit hard to start, only a single for Pedroia. He promptly steals second, so Gonzo has a RBI opp in front of him.

I know the Sox have excelled at this, but I really am ao sick or this, it is a gimmick.
National League teams get to bench their worst hitter in our parks, in their parks we to bench one of our best. Total nonsense.

Tabata goes down like a horse shot at the track after that bunt. Taken off on a stretcher. Hope he is ok, he almost appeared to be crying. Bad muscle tear or something?

And now Reddick drops a pop up. Unreal.
Time to turn this off. I don’t put up with watching terrible tv programming, don’t see why I should have to watch this pitiful excuse for baseball.

Salty tags on a fly to center, the throw is airmailed and ends up in the stands off the glove of the third baseman. 1-0 Sox.

Nunez: 9 errors
Fuck you, Eduardo.
Remember the days when we had not great players on the bench, but “toolsy ones”. Now…yeesh.
What I’m trying to say is this: Let’s bring back Luis Sojo.

The team the Sox have fielded the last few days, on offense and pitching, will win jack shit. So hopefully this isn’t the team they field day in and day out. If it is I won’t be watching much baseball the rest of the year.
Unbearably horrendous play by the team. We pray it is just a small odd sample, but doubts creep in.

nunez quickly making us forget the captain’s lack of range…6 errors all of last year…
“…Salty continuing to justify, at least on the offensive side, not signing Russell Martin….”
yep…salty closed that gap nicely, though we still might be guilty of using small sample sizes, which was something the yf’s were criticized for when crowing about martin’s early success…i assume also that you might not be as pleased with salty’s defense as you are his offense when you say “at least”…i’d also be concerned about the rumors that he has no game rapport with beckett…but yep, point well taken…we yf’s should put a lid on the martin is better than salty stuff for awhile, despite his WAR being 0.9, while salty’s is at 0.4…

After a refreshing jaunt to the park, back to the masochism. Scutaro walks on four pitches, Papi strides to the plate as a pinch hitter.

Not only is this a terrible ballgame, having to listen to the Pirates announcers makes it even worse. These guys are incredibly cocky considering their team has not had a winning season since around the presidency of Bush the Elder.

Ellsbury tries to sacrifice and the pitcher won’t let him. Error on the hurler, bases filled nobody out and Pedey coming up. Can’t ask for a better scenario.

Question of the afternoon: what will be a bigger mess, my kitchen after I make homemade pasta (about to begin) or the Sox’ bullpen?

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