Patriot Act?

We’re all for a serious steroid testing program. But the Justice Department, with its sloppy Balco prosecution, is making that less and not more likely. As the NYT has reported, the Feds have seized all of last year’s drug testing samples and plan to retest all of them for THG, even though it was not banned last year, and even though they know specifically which players are implicated in the Balco case from Balco’s own records, which are in their possession. As the indispensible Doug Pappas makes clear today, this indefensible seizure of materials that have no bearing whatever on the case at hand is only going to make MLB and the MLBPA more intractable in the future. We do like his suggestion for future testing, however: “If Ashcroft or one of his minions ever asks you for a urine sample, give it to him — on the spot. Tell him he can wring what he needs out of his trousers.”

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