Paving Paradise

So lot owners around Fenway are price-gouging, and the Mayah wants to do something about it.

Says Menino:

”I am aware of the concept of marketing and pricing for supply and demand," he wrote. ”However, large increases in pricing adversely impact the surrounding businesses and places the economic vitality of the Fenway area in jeopardy."

So let’s get this straight: if the city doesn’t get to mandate lower prices for those fans who disregard easy-access public transportation and park their fancy cars at local gas stations for an extra 75 bucks then the whole economic beast that is the Red Sox and their historic park is in danger of dissolving into nothingness, with the Fens becoming a crack-vial strewn wasteland home to nostalgia, whores, and not much else. This one is hard to believe, even from a grandstanding politician.

Those who choose to drive to Fenway ingore the fact that there are two easy-access public transportation stations right near the park.  Instead, they choose to fork over a pretty penny to park their vehicle on the stadium’s doorstep.  When I used to drive to games with my buddy Stu, he had a season-long deal with a local gas station to park on their premises (this was back in the mid/late 80s, and the station was already yanking 20 bucks out of our pockets – not exactly small change for high school students).  Nowadays, my parents and I add about 25 minutes to our trip in from suburbia by parking at the Eliot stop on the Green Line and train it in, since the proximate lots got so expensive.  Menino wants "price certainty", but maybe he should start with the club itself and politely ask them to hold their prices down from year to year (yeah, right), so that more fans get to see their heroes.  I am no fan of price gouging, and there’s got to be a good way to stop the practice, but threatening a post-apocalyptic vision of Fenway and its environs as the result of higher parking prices for (mostly) wealthy patrons who choose to shirk the "T" is not the way to do it.

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