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Peashooters: Tigers-Sox Gamer

Buchholz-Coke a duel? Nah. That was nothing. Tonight’s the real deal, at least on paper. Beckett-Verlander, two guys who have started the year hot and look to keep going. The Sox, lucky to score a run last night, may be lucky to get a hit tonight. Hopes aren’t high, but spirits are, at least, a little higher these days.

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Well, I guess I can watch the Bruins now. JD sleeping in right costs the Sox a run and that is probably all Verlaunder needs.

Wow, Austin Jackson was doing *terrible* before compiling a nice 10-game hit streak. It’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it up while still striking out every fourth at bat.

IBM, I think they needed Millwood because Dubront is hurt and we may see Millwood up to take Dice-K’s slot, unfortunately. Aceves needs to be in the bullpen.

This game was a toss up anyway. Verlander was going to be tough, but we had Beckett on the bump so it could have gone either way. Bard threw two bad pitches and Paplebon is doing his this isn’t a save routine of sucking

Wow. I have never seen that. Iglesias gunned out at home on a bloop single to left that turns into a FC. Terrible luck for the Sox.


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