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PED Be Gone!

Yeah, we know there's been a lot of goings-on in the baseball world recently and they have driven a number of discussions.  But let's get to the really good stuff.  

A-Rod dumped Kate Hudson. 

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This move by itself makes zero sense. Clearly this is a precursor to a larger upgrade at that position, like finally announcing that he and Derek Jeter have come to a sexual agreement.

This move makes no sense at all. Her home numbers show that it was a perfect match for ARod and the Yankees. I just don’t understand? Why did Cleveland move Hudson from behind the plate? It’s not just YS where she worked such great magic either, as is proof by her road playoff performances this year. I need to do some digging and find stats that explain this the way I want them to.

Well, now that he is a champion, he can get better ass I guess? I will always have a soft spot for Kate though, the golden vagina led us to #27 and led ARod out of the darkness…

The link to the review of Chapman. People can talk all the “international fizzle” shit they want, but I take a major flier on this kid 8 days a week.
Anyone that strong, from the left side, is going to have some amount of success.
If he can throw strikes, he’s on a roster. Period.
At worse, he’s a lefty Daniel Cabrerra – a guy nobody likes to face.

Make no mistake.
Kate Hudson was A-Rod’s (and by extension the Yankee franchise’s) good luck charm.
Without her, there would be no championship.
This is the beginning of the end for the Yankee Dynasty and a once proud franchise.

uh, i don’t get the title of the post…PED=performance enhancing dame?…
as for the whole ped genre of joking, i realize this isn’t a game thread, so my panties aren’t bunched up, but you know what they say about glass houses and stones…you tossed 2 rocks within hours of each other…despite the humor tag, that could’ve ignited a debate that neither of us could win…

i was just trying to figure out the joke:
performance enhancing dame was my first guess…i could have just as easily gone with:
performance enhancing douchbag
performance enhancing dingbat
performance enhancing dingleberry
none of those are very flattering though, and i still have a sweet spot for kate, even though arod has apparently moved on…

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