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Pedroia To The DL

Laser Show is thumbs down for the Fenway series. If his hitchin’ digit mends, he will be back after the break.

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I am really going to miss giving Ratatouille shit this series…damn it.

On another note, I feel like Becket is going to make us his bitch tonight so Hiroki-san better be at his samurai best.


Since 2003, including the postseason…the Yankees and SAAAAAAAAAW-x have played 182 times.


TONIGHT IS HUGE!!!! Tie breaker.

(2003 is arbitrary because it really marks the beginning of the Sox run of being almost as good as the Yankees, so for me I looked up since 2000 just to give the Sox a chance.

218 gp 121-111 in favor of the Empire

I need to clarify something.

I am very happy for AJ Burnett. He is lighting up in Pittsburgh and I’m happy for him.

Yes, I know I said many, many, many horrible things about AJ…I hope you guys know I am just being stupid on here. I don’t really hate any of these guys. I’m just a stupid sports fan. AJ was a good dude, brought some fun to the ballpark and did pitch his two best games, in his two biggest games. He just wasn’t built for the Bronx. Not every player is clearly.

So good for you AJ. You deserved to be in the All-Star game you crazy redneck.

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