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Horrible losing streak. Division probably gone. Offense dead. Rotation spotty. Injuries. Rivals flying high.

But if the playoffs started today we’d be participating and every other team making the playoffs wouldn’t be thrilled about seeing our top two starters in a series of any length.

50+ games to go. Buck up, Sox fans. All is not lost.


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Buchholz stil WHIPping it up, I see. Well, I guess it wasn’t a downright awful third-starter audition.

I think the sox probably will make the playoffs and they are still in the division race based on the number of games they and the yanks still have to play, the west coast challenges the yanks still face, and the fact that an injury to one of the Yanks’ top 3 would be disastrous. Having said that, if Boston doesn’t catch the Yanks I don’t think it is at all a foregone conclusion that they will finish ahead of either Tampa Bay (esp give how well TB plays them) or Texas.

“All is not lost.”
Famous last words uttered by the captain of the Titanic … or was that the Hindenburg.

I’m not sure the Hindenburg captain had much time to say such a phrase. Or if he did, well, he probably should have been focusing on other things than coming up with comforting phrases.

Just read Nick Cafardo’s column in today’s Globe.
He touches on the plunkings.
Without a doubt, to me, without the ability to read anyone’s mind, Melancon threw at Pedroia, Buchholz threw at ARod and Ramirez threw at Tex and ARod.
Now that Saturday’s game is done and my head is a bit cooler …
Here’s what I hate about it:
-This throwing at people shit is juvenile. Pitching inside is one thing; up and in is something else. You go up there, you’re a jackass.
-The bullshit responses from teammates and managers. The offending team pretends to be innocent one night (deny, deny, deny), then raises hell after the retaliation. And vice versa. Gimme a break. Just shut the hell up.
-MLB makes the problem worse. Bob Watson’s history of meting out uneven punishment is an embarrassment. He’s never explained himself, he’s never explained why so-and-so gets nothing and the other guy gets five games.
That said, I have no idea how to fix it. There’s always gonna be some testosterone-filled, overgrown juvenile delinquent (Pedro, Joba, Clemens) who thinks, “I’ll show them,” discounting the repercussions down the road.
There. I’ve vented. And solved nothing.

So one guy (Pedroia) was thrown at by Melancon and then A-Rod gets thrown at in two separate at-bats and Teixeira once. Sounds about right. The criticism of the arbitrariness and faux-indignation by teammates and managers is all well and good, but the Sox rightfully have a couple beanings coming their way if this is how they want to play.

And if there are retaliation tonight,there’s the possibility of an unwarned ejection-unless of course both benches are warned before the game-and a possible(there you go,krueg)benches clearing brawl,or a benches clearing mess in the infield area at least.

moose was always right about the childish bs of this. in the good old days (aka, the late 90s), the yanks were perennial targets, but generally took it, and moved on. it’s good policy. in this case, they got their retaliation in and if the sox responded bigger than whatever. they’re walking off with this series and a big division lede so why risk a suspension or an injury. time to suck it up, knowing you’ve got the best of the situation, period.

This is simply from stats standpoint which I found interesting. Box scores do not count the “thrown at” obviously, but here goes the offical HBP:
Texiera hit by Lopez
Tek hit by Chamberlain
Green hit by Albaladejo
Youk hit by Burnett
Green hit by Veras
Bay hit by Melancon
Drew hit by Aceves
Jeter hit by paps
Bay hit by Chamberlain
Baley hit by Albaladejo
Bay hit by Veras
ARod hit by Penny
Pedroia hit by Melancon
ARod hit by Ramirez
Boston has hit 4 batters to NY’s 10. This obviously doesn’t count the “chin music” pitches.
I dont agree with throwing at people, especially when a little white ball is moving at 90+ mph.
If the argument for retaliation is being used, then the Sox are few behind. 6 in fact, which possibly could be the number of games back in the standings they could find themselves in if the lose tonight.

Well any “tally” depends on how far back you wanna go. This is the first year snce at least 2003 where the Yankees have hit more Red Sox than vice versa (source:
-2004: Red Sox hit 18 Yankees; Yankees hit 15 Red Sox
-2004 ALCS: Red Sox hit 7 Yankees; Yankees hit 1 Red Sox
-2005: Red Sox hit 10 Yankees; Yankees hit 6 Red Sox
-2006: Red Sox hit 7 Yankees; Yankees hit 6 Red Sox
-2007: 9 hit batsman for each team.
-2008: Red Sox hit 14 Yankees; Yankees hit 9 Red Sox
So the Yankees still have 11 hit batsmen to go before we’re even.

Well,or we could just agree that they were trying to get inside an induce a ground ball,and since it hit a rival player it doesn’t really matter.Right.But jokes apart I think nearly all of us agree 1)it’s stupid,people can really get hurt with that;2)It’s been going on for so long that it’s already part of the game. So what we have is forewarnings at most.

Just got off a 13 hour flight for a stop over in the Taipei airport. It’s rainy outside. What’s the news in the baseball world today? Are the Yanks and Sox still beaning each other?

I agree Mark, the issue being the team who is losing tends to throw “inside” more.
One of the games this year that no one got hit was when Wake pitched. I guess everyone’s “cat-like” reflexes are more finely tuned to dodge a 68mph knuckleball.

Stupid facts Mark. Besides, we only raise the references to Conigliari when it’s Joba or Clemens on the mound. If it’s countless Boston pitxhers we start compiling stats with the only specifically delineated dates that would make thm appear to be more on the recviving end. So glad no one was bothered by Bucholz’s clear as day headhunting this weekend. Now I don’t have to hear it when it’s done by someone wearing the opposing team’s jersey.

IH, I did state up front that did not include that kind of stuff. Just like the HBP doesn’t take into account that a pitcher is having trouble with control.

It’s “Conigliaro”, by the way. He played around the same time as when Mickey Mantell was finishing up.
It’s funny when Yankee fans get all indignant that someone “headhunted” (didn’t see the game, so I honestly don’t know if he did) but get all huffy when someone talks about their own doing it.
Puh-leeze. This is baseball. Both teams act like cretins at times. Maybe yesterday was our turn, I have no idea, I didn’t see it. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if you told me a Sox threw at a Yankees player. Or vice versa.

I know Rob. My reaction here and in the gamethread was not to you so much as it is a relection of my view – which I’m perfectly willing to accept may be mine and mine alone – that the high inside pitches from the Yankees in recent years have elicited disproportionate reactions relative to those from the Sox, even while we can all agree that such “message”-pitches are – in the abstract – the wrong thing for anyone to do given the possible severe consequences.

So we can agree SF that hypocritical “huffiness” as you put it is really annoying. I’ll watch mine if you watch yours.

that the high inside pitches from the Yankees in recent years have elicited disproportionate reactions relative to those from the Sox
reactions from whom? Honest question. From posters at this site? From the teams themselves? Or in general? And how could one possibly qualify the “in general” response? Whose reactions are you referring to, IH?

So we can agree SF that hypocritical “huffiness” as you put it is really annoying
Yes. It is annoying. I recall Joba throwing at someone earlier this year and my reaction was that it was a colossally stupid thing to do, not because I was mad that a Yankee threw at a Sox, but because I thought that in terms of the baseball Joba was endangering his teammates. I’d much prefer to discuss these types of situations in terms of the baseball, and not in terms of our rivalry.

i think the indignance about head-hunting has been largely balanced…and this from a guy who thinks this site is sox-centric…save yourself a hunt IH

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