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Phil Hughes, Step UP: Yanks-Rangers Gamer III

I have no problem admitting that I enjoyed watching Yu Darvish pitch last night. Yankee batters were off balance all game long, chasing 96 mph — sometimes wild — fastballs only to be flummoxed by Bugs Bunny 78 curves, rendering a fine start by Kuroda for naught. The Captain and Cano (nice ring, that.. sounds like a light-hearted crime drama) each doubled and singled but Yu ruled the night.

Phil Hughes has been decidedly mediocre and received a gift win his last start against the Twins. I suppose the highlight of his outing was he lasted for 103 pitches. Scott Feldman gets the rock for the Rangers.

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I guess as long as we hover above .500 for the next month or so, everything will work out?
I mean, the team overall has been pretty abysmal but still 10-8.
I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like this team has it. Again.

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