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Phillies-Yanks World Series Gamer I

Let’s Do This Thing. Comment Away.

Philadelphia Phillies
J. Rollins ss .000
S. Victorino cf .000
C. Utley 2b .000
R. Howard 1b .000
J. Werth rf .000
R. Ibanez dh .000
B. Francisco lf .000
P. Feliz 3b .000
C. Ruiz c .000
C. Lee NA
New York Yankees
D. Jeter ss .000
J. Damon lf .000
M. Teixeira 1b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .000
J. Posada c .000
H. Matsui dh .000
R. Cano 2b .000
N. Swisher rf .000
M. Cabrera cf .000
CC Sabathia NA

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Well, this is it…the big enchilda…the World Series. I’ll be here is spirit boys but I cannot split my focus to post while the game is going. I have to focus all of my energy into the Yankees pounding the Phillies…

It’s OK, Atheose.
I was lucky enough to be dabize on my gmail account too, so I get to stay magnorhinally anonymous – but it was sheer luck.
You’ll be Atheose as long as we think of you as Atheose.

clee so far better than cc. that was an awesome display. a real pitcher out there. total command. not sure what that bunt by damon was all about.

Pitched okay against the 8-9 hitters, though really thus far he’s only been beating himself.
Still though, can’t argue with no score thus far.

and that’s more like it. cc goes quickly through the weak bottom 3rd of the phils lineup. but facing 6 in inning 1 was bad. hope he got all the kinks out.

cc does not have his control.
cabrera tracks another one that might have departed in august off rollins on 3-1. rollins bailed out cc on 2-0 by swinging at ball 3.

Well, CC can still get Howard (he of the .108 average against LHP).
1 run doesn’t mean much in this park usually -lets see whether Lee still has what he had before this (longish) inning…………

Looks better that inning, though still took him 71 pitches through 4. Not sure how long he can go unless he keeps it efficient, but he does look better, and the Phils are keeping it patience for now..

Heckuva pitchers’ duel so far, whether one has a horse in the race or not. Lee is looking particularly sharp, but the Phils may yet rue leaving the bags loaded in the 1st…

We fucking suck. This game is over. AJ won’t make it out of the 3rd inning tomorrow. Sweep.
Fuck you Yankees, you fucking choke artist losers. Way to show up tonight. Look like a bunch of scared little pussies.
That is all.

Every time CC is taken over the wall by Utley, he K’s Howard.
Kind of like a guy who gets cut off in traffic and then kicks the next dog he sees.
The Universal Thump…….

2 words for despondent NYY fans
My money is on Burnett……..I never really got over 2003, and I’ve seen Pedro give ’em up with abandon when I’ve tuned in recently.
He’s gonna give up runs in NYS.
And DJ gets on again.
This is a CLOSE game.

I’ve said this before, for many years,,,Damon looks like some guy who was told all of the rules of baseball, how everything works but never actually saw anyone play it.
When he swings through a pitch and throws he looks like my mom (and she isn’t an athlete)

Walein, you’re right… JDam had one of the weakest swings I’ve ever seen earlier in the game. And his overall style is indeed unusual.
Lee’s at 85 through six innings… He could go eight easily if he keeps this up, and if he gets through eight near 100 pitches I’d assume he comes out for the 9th. But that’s getting way to far ahead with this Yankee lineup.

BTW, I wish I had a dollar for every time McCarver has miscalled the signs. He says something like, “Posada asks for a change-up…” and it’s sure to be a cutter or straight fastball.

Game. Set. Match. I knew we were going to choke. I fucking knew it. I tried to cover it up and be positive today, but deep down, I knew we were fucking toast.
This game looks exactly like the last 3 playoffs. No hitting. We cannot fucking hit. Damon has left 19 runners on base in the playoffs? 19 FUCKING RUNNERS??? The Phillies are the Champs for a reason…we are fucking finished. AJ is going to get DESTROYED tomorrow…bank on that.
I feel sick.

Swings like Mary?
He can still get results with that swing………but not today – yet.
I remember his swing against Javier V. 5 years ago, almost to the day……..

Now that I have checked out, I can post all night…
Nice to see ARod back to normal. Tex is fucking worthless too. Well, good in the field, worthless in the batters box. Fits in well with this team. (besides Jeter, he is always money)

The mind is a funny thing
When I read that just now about Tynan, my first thought was of the lady in the audience of “Springtime for Hitler” (in the real 1968 version of “The Producers”)
“Harry, its FUNNY”
Lets see what “the majority” thinks of Pedro’s chances against this Yankee lineup

Shutout in game 6 of 2003 series to blow that one…
Swept in 1976 by the Reds…
We can break both of those THIS WEEKEND!!! WOO HOO!!!
Great work Hughes you gigantic vagina. Leadoff walk.

Easily steals 2nd base…no outs. GAME OVER LOSERS!!!! Complete and total meltdown. What a fucking embarrassment.
All right, I’m bringing everyone down. Sorry boys. You guys are way more positive and hopefully than I. Fuck these losers.

I could have told Girardi that Hughes “didn’t have it” tonight. The tailing fastball 4 feet over posada’s head to rollins for ball 4 was a clue.

That’s vintage Pedro in that interview, but I still consider his “sitting under a banana tree” to be the gold standard.
Also, he has yet to produce a midget mascot for this series. (Sorry, “little person.”)

And a first-pitch swinging fly out by Melky keeps Lee at 106 through 8 innings. Will he be back for the 9th to go for the complete game, or will the Phils roll the dice on Lidge?

Feliz is out, and with Ruiz’s subsequent long double Feliz becomes the only Phillie not to reach base tonight. Runner on 2nd, 1 out in the top of the 9th.

Victorino singles, 5-0, 1st and 2nd, 1 out, Coke coming in.
With Lee sitting for a long eighth, it might make sense for the Phils go to the pen for the ninth and save him for a possible Game 4 on short rest. On the other hand, a bird in the hand, &c.
NOTE: Yanks have the top of the order coming up.

This was not the best way to start the series. But there is a lot more baseball to be played. It’s good to know that Bruney has made it clear that he will not be used again in the WS for anything important. Great roster choice!

If you are rooting for the Yanks, then hope for Lidge.
If the Phils, then the other guy.
OK its over.
“The Yankees have never been shut out of Game 1 of th WS”.
It’s over now

Still no one warming, Lee almost certainly coming back out for the 9th.
Drive to the track, 2 out, Rollins moves to 3rd, Victorino still on 1st.
Howard batting in an excruciatingly slow inning.

Howard doubles, Rollins scores, but Victorino gets thrown out easily at the plate… 6-0 Phils going to the bottom of the 9th. Murderer’s Row II coming up.

No shutout, at least. They played him DP and got one out. I thought it was a hit but it was unfortunate.
Can’t even afford to trade one out for one run anymore..

Lee Ks Posada, game over. 122 pitches total for Lee.
While the Lee 10K total is very impressive, an arguably even more impressive stat: Zero walks to this tough Yankee lineup.
Sports radio is going to be… interesting tomorrow, especially considering how many were counting the Phils out.

Just back from the Stadium. It was a margue out there tonight thanks initially to CC’s shakiness that had YFs on edge from the first inning, then to a periodic and sometimes fairly hard drizzle, but enduringly thanks to Cliff Lee.
I feel like I have to call the police and report what I just witnessed. That was an old-fashioned mauling. Lee was never in trouble and for the first time I can recall this year, the Yankees just looked totally outmatched. So much for the Yankees’ superior pen too. Wow. Can’t say enough about Lee’s performance. And since I don’t want to say anything about it, that’s all for the night. See you tomorrow Yankee bats.
I hope.

I am so depressed that I literally still feel sick to my stomach. To come this far, only to revert to the 04-07 Yankees on the big stage is more than I can stand. We cannot hit. Period. As mediocre as CC was, he kept it close. The bullpen is awful now. Talk about choking…Hughes? Could you suck worse when we really need you? But I digress…
I would love to look up the stats for runners left on base for our lineup but I am already suicidal and it may push me over the edge…
We aren’t playing the Twins or Angels…we are playing the champs and they showed us last night why they are the champs, and why this team won’t be.
Fucking pathetic.
Bright side? We have the AJ GOING TONIGHT!!! TALK ABOUT A BIG GAME, SHUT ‘EM DOWN PITCHER!!! WOO HOO!!! Who would you rather have in a must win world series game than AJ FUCKING BURNETT BABY!!! I just hope we don’t get swept at this point…

If it’s any consolation, Krueg, here’s an analogy: Derek Lowe was a far bigger headcase in 2004 with the Sox than A.J. Burnett ever could be. Lowe during the regular season was a mental mess, and got briefly demoted to the pen. Then he came through *huge* for Boston in the ALCS and Series.

It is possible that AJ could pitch a good game, just not likely…
It is possible that our offense will actually hit the fucking ball, just not likely…
It is also possible that I may get a turn with Kate, just not likely…

yeah krueg, hudson’s got a point…it’s only 1 game, and burnett could surprise us…i didn’t have a lot of confidence in pettitte either before his last start, and i was wrong…i didn’t expect to win every cc matchup with lee…i’d be happy with winning the next 2, in games 4 and 7… ;)

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