Pinto Picks Yanks

Baseball Musings’ David Pinto just put up his AL East preview. His view: The Bombers will win the division by seven games over the Sox. Perhaps this lifts the Phillips curse on the Yanks.

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  • There are more predictions out there today than most baseball fans would care to read, the majority of which are picking the Yanks for the AL East title.
    While it’s nice to hear positive projections for your favorite team, considering the variables that will most certainly occur over the next six months, the baseball forecasts are nothing more than slightly educated guesses, and in some cases, wishful thinking for the hometown team and it’s fans.
    Couldn’t help but notice that Papelbon was scratched from availability for yesterday’s game in Philly because of a slight ankle sprain, on his push off foot. He also declined to take a flat ground throwing session. Probably nothing.
    I’ve watched DMat closely this spring, just to see what he looks like after all the hype, and to see just how good he might be. He certainly has a wide array of pitches and could end up being a great pitcher for Boston for years to come. His biggest issue lately has been his control, walking 5 during a 100 pitch-5 inning outing his previous to last start and an 82 pitch-4 BB performance his last outing on Saturday. There’s an article in the Boston Globe stating he’s suffering from arm fatigue right now, which isn’t all that unusual. It makes me wonder though, if perhaps DMat is trying too hard, too early, to live up to all the hype.
    If I were to make a list of the baseball scenarios going into the season that I’m most interested in seeing how they play out, I would say how Matsuzaka does would top that list. Of course, as a Yankee fan, I want to see him crash and burn. But if he turns out to be a great addition to the Red Sox staff, I won’t be afraid to acknowledge it.
    Also up there on that list: How, amid all these predictions of a rise to glory by Sox fans, that Josh Beckett does after his struggles last season. He’s looking tough right now, but he was also lights out early last year before becoming very inconsistent as the season went along.

    Anonymous April 1, 2007, 1:48 pm
  • Whoops, had to clear my history, files and cookies so my wife wouldn’t notice all the porn sites I’d visited and there went my YFvsSF personal info. Heh. That was me above.

    Whatever April 1, 2007, 1:57 pm
  • Bradford has an interview with Beckett today. He seems to be very focused this year, and he also seems to be having more fun. I’m looking forward to see what he can do.

    Tyrel SF April 1, 2007, 2:15 pm

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