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Pitching Prospects

Phil Hughes

Joba Chamberlain

Clay Buchholz

These three players have been intertwined for a good three years now, discussed within trade rumors as untouchable, off-limits, franchise-type players. At different times they have each looked unhittable, utterly hittable, and physically or emotionally fragile. And they are all, now, interesting cogs in the machines that are our two contending clubs. 

We wonder what the future holds for these three talented youngsters.  God knows we haven't been able to foresee what has happened to each of them thus far. 

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At least you didn’t include Tazawa in that list.
The Sox finally gave Buchholz his shot this year (when they had no other choice) but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade him this off-season. His peripherals just aren’t very good and he’s getting the advantage from BABIP, especially at home. I think he can be a fine #2 or #3, but he obviously needs time to develop – like Joba and Hughes. Are they committed to Buchholz long-term?
I’m pretty annoyed with how the Yanks have handled Hughes this year, especially with the opening at the back of the rotation for the whole year and now with Joba’s innings short. It’s the one area where the organization consistently infuriates me in being too conservative and where I’ve been especially delighted by the Sox front office. In a weird way though, the Sox were more conservative this year in keeping Buchholz in the minors. The Yanks by contrast keep trying to be a bit more progressive with the bullpen nonsense and then we get a discussion about Gaudin in the playoffs. Awful.

Joba will fade into one of those punch line Yankee pitchers…
Clay and Franchise look to have very bright futures.

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