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Play Ball?

The regular season began today, with Seattle "visiting" Oakland in Japan.  Ichiro went 4 for 5, as the Mariners won in 11 innings.  The game started at 2am Pacific time, which was a tad inconvenient for the left coast fan base of those teams.  There is another game tomorrow morning, with Jason Vargas facing our old friend Bartolo Colon  It's a stupid gimmick game and they should stop doing it.  Now back to your regularly scheduled wait for next Friday.

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I woulda watched part of the game this morning since I was up very early to help the wife get her day started anyway…blacked out ’cause I live in the northwest and don’t have cable. Bah.
We get our first game come next Thursday…and then have a day off on Friday, which is f***ing stupid. Just delay it till Friday. Win or lose, I’m going to want the next game to start ASAP.

I took next Friday off to watch Opening Day.
It will definitely smell like Jamaica in my house. The first gamer should be fun. Gotta knock the rust off!

Dude, Jamaica? You need to get to Cali and score some of Humbolt County’s finest. Wait until you experience the variety. They’re literally 20 years into the future.

I’m ambivalent about the overseas games. Yes I love the tradition of a true opening day. And tradition is no small thing in the country’s greatest pasttime. Having said that, the sport is certainly international already and could perhaps go global with some effort. And I think that’s a good thing, not just from a business perspective (about which I couldn’t care less) but from a drawing-more-and-more-talent-to-the-game perspective. Now when I think about what would help it go global, I definitely think games overseas help. In 20 years maybe I’ll be cheering loudest for a Yankee who got his first interest in the game from having been taken by his dad to a real MLB game in Mumbai or wherever. Is there a better time to have that game played than opening week of the season? Perhaps, but I’m not so sure. I’d rather see my team carted off just before the season starts than over an extended All-Star break. I don’t know. Fact is, I don’t really like the way it is now. But I get and support some of the reasons for it. Who knows, maybe Nick will catch a real Yankees game in his Jakarta backyard one of these springs…

Good man! Hopefully you’ve found the variety available at the counters. My mind was blown by the selection alone. Took me 20 minutes to choose!
Have you found the concentrates? There’s a good reason they call them supermelts!

I don’t live in a cool state James so my experience comes via FedEx at this point from my friends in NoCal.
I hope we move to Oregon (close to AG) or Cali but probably staying on the East Coast when my wife graduates…someday.
I envy you dude. That’s how the world should be.

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