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Playing for Pride: Jays-Sox Gamer II

Well, since the playoffs are obviously of no interest to our beloved team, we exhort them to at least play for a little pride. Make it look fun, at least.

Chat about the worst team in baseball here, and the new, excruciating ways by which they will lose another game.

24 replies on “Playing for Pride: Jays-Sox Gamer II”

Y’know what?
I actually feel like they’re gonna win the rest of this series and turn this train-wreck around.
And as I type that, Gonzalez singles a run in followed quickly by Youkilis driving in the next with a double. 2nd and 3rd, none out, 2-0 Sox in the 1st.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Never. And the only possible explanation to me is that the Sox just didn’t get enough work in during spring training. And even that seems like a stretch.

Looking good, the start of a turnaround, come on SF, at least give them 30 or 40 games. The hits will eventually come, the pitching, besides Beckett, has me worried though.

Yeah, I’m all out of positive vibes to dish out to the rivals.
You could maybe find comfort in the fact that the rotation for our side will for the indefinite future be:
So it’s one rock solid ace and then a whole lotta who knows the hell what.

“Tito’s a genius.”
Said with tongue in cheek. (I also believe that Scutaro should be playing. Perhaps I’m a Scutaro apologist?)
Let’s see a Bruins win tonight and then see if the Sox can make it 2 in a row tomorrow.

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