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Playoff Aspirations Create Strange Bedfellows: Rays-Yanks, O’s-Sox Gamer

Wade Davis pitches for the Rays while Ivan Nova, looking for his 16th win, started with a 1-2-3 first inning in New York.  Meanwhile, Rick VandenHurk pitches for the Orioles in Boston, who send Erik Bedard.Comment away.

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Let’s be real.
Tex is worthless with the bat. Period.
Is he the new ARod? All his numbers are in garbage time or against garbage teams?
I cannot remember a single big hit the last, what, 3 months??? All season???

K. 43 pitches though with 1 out in the 2nd…
Bases still loaded for Curtis.
How about a postseason practice big hit Curtis???
You know Tex will K so it’s up to you dude!!!!

Uhhh k – you lose credibility when you’re 2.5 games from clinching and 5 games up.
The Yanks can’t claim the mantle of worst sucking team going into the post season.
That would be the buncha bums I root for………..
Is there any end to the ignominy?
Here I am…………. rooting for the Yankees

Tonight might be a perfect encapulation of why the PS odds reports still heavily favor the Sox getting to the postseason. Even if you acknowledge, the huge issues they have with their pitching, they still have their offense and the Orioles’ pitching for most of the rest of the way. Plus, the Rays have the Yanks to contend with.

“Modern Family season premiere will be highlight of my week. What a depressing thought.”
This means that in about 5 weeks, I’ll be able to find the first three episodes in the black market. Good news!

AG, :)
Meanwhile, gotta say Pedro Strop is a good baseball name, also sort of a decent sex toy name. Hmm, new business idea…
I can’t decide who has been a more encouraging and pleasant surprise this year. Grandy or Nova. Any thoughts?

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