Please substantiate your claims of

Please substantiate your claims of all the Sox fans who were screaming about how dumb Theo was for his “BBC”. Do you have links to articles, interviews? If so, please post. Also please explain why this (supposed) screaming would have been unjustified, had it ever even occured. I believe people were actually skeptical (not angry), and rightfully so. The BBC experiment ultimately failed, except for Theo’s shrewd ability to use Lyon as trade bait for Sauerbeck (whose tenure has been too short to assess at this point, to be honest). More ripe for criticism is Red Sox Nation’s questioning of the Hillenbrand/Fossum for Colon non-deal, considering how important the acquisition of Kim has and may prove to be. Back to the primary issue: the bullpen really was poor for 75 games or so. The whining and screaming was justified. His plan did not work, and now he has done an estimable job fixing that problem. I am not sure why the fans’ initial reactions to the early poor performance and our current response to his recent dealings were either A) misguided, B) unnatural, or C) unfair. He DID see the error of his ways, and therefore deserves credit. As for the fluid market in relief pitching, I guess the river flows west (Nelson to Seattle), southwest (Wetteland to Texas), to Queens (Stanton to the Mets), midwest (Grimsley to the Royals), and just plain south (Karsay to the DL and Benitez to the Bronx).