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Pleased To Mitre You: Yanks-Jays Gamer

Sergio Mitre was awesome his last time out, until he got plugged by a comebacker and had to leave the game. He faces Brian Tallet in a getaway game at Rogers Centre. Comment away.

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0-3. Errors, no hits, they just don’t seem to care about this one…
MEE-tre is getting knocked around but he’s battling. NO POST SEASON FOR YOU!!!!

Kay is just RIPPING Toronto a new one…going off on the stadium, the players facial hair, the fans, the management, wow, he is on a rant!!!
I hate Toronto too. Hilarious.

Jeter singles , again, and Damon gets an infield single….1st and 2nd, 1 out, t3
Something brewing???

Tex nails the pitcher with what would have been an RBI single…damn.
2nd and 3rd, 2 outs for Godzilla.

WHAT A PLAY!!!! Swish drops in ANOTHER single, Godzilla chugging around 3rd, PLAY AT THE PLATE! Barajas dives to tag Godzilla, tags him but the ballis kicked away…Ump calls him out, everyone goes crazy to show the ump the ball was near the dugout and FINALLY he calls Godzilla safe!!!

Just awful defense today!!! WTF???? Swish loses a pop fly in the sun, Tex lets a grounder get through…3-4. Just pathetic.

Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong…MEE-tre gets the K but Jose misses the ball in the dirt, 1st and 3rd. Next better singles, 5-5, 1st and 2nd, no outs. Unreal.

5-7. So many errors and bad defensive plays I’ve lost count. I actually feel bad for MEE-tre, yes he’s getting hit but his defense has cost him at least 2 or 3 runs today so far…

…walks in another run. 5-11. You have got to be kidding me. Melancon is atrocious. I never want to see this loser on the moundh again.

Josh Towers (?) comes in, gets ahead 0-2 and then promptly blasts Ruiz in the face with a fastball…this is the strangest game. Everything has been a complete mess from the get go…
Ruiz got nailed bad, so gross…

FINALLY got out of the inning. OK, so we need 8 runs in 4 innings…no problem. Let’s go f-ckers.

Sorry to hijack the thread. Went to see Sox-Sox today at Comiskey. Sat in the upper deck, must have been a good 100 feet above the field, but that’s a guess, everything was below us, we’re about halfway between the mound and 1B. Bottom 1, Podsednik on second, don’t remember who’s on first. Konerko hits that high pop to shallow right. Drew immediately has no chance. Pedey and Youkilis sprint toward the ball, Pedey looks like he thinks he has no chance, but from where we were I could tell he had a bead on it if he didn’t let up. Pedey makes the catch, beautiful, back to the IF. I know you’ve seen it. Podsednik is most of the way to third. Pedey whirls and throws to second, got Pods easily.
I told my 7 year old, “That’s one of the best DPs you’ll ever see.”
Terrific play.

31,000+ at Comiskey. Probably 8,000 were Red Sox fans. White Sox radio bitching the entire game about “too many Red Sox fans,” the wife said.
Comiskey is a great place to see a game. Even in the upper deck, you can see the entire field quite well. Best part is no Cubs fans. Unofficial vendor outside the stadium selling T-shirts that read, “What did Jesus tell the Cubs?” “Don’t do anything until I get back.”

And Lester was fantastic. Don’t know how many times he wet 3-0 only to work a strikeout. He ended with 8K in 7 IP, 4H, 0R. He was virtually unhittable. Although Pods (?!) did get three hits off him.

Glad you got to see the game, IBM! And more importantly, glad one of our starting pitchers showed up for it.

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