Pokey, Mon?

Clemens indicted. Did Martha Stewart not teach him anything?!

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Shouldn’t all the hypocrites in Congress be on trial themselves??? What the fuck is wrong with our country…wasting time on a baseball player.

Thanks, krueg. It’s been a tough summer, just blasted with work and family obligations. Trying to chime in a bit more but the office has been crazy lately so putting food on the table has taken precedent to writing about the emergency ward that is the Sox…

Totally understandable brother…I don’t have any kids that I know about but if I did, they would possibly be more important than the Yankees??? I’d have to really think about that one…

I plead children + economy as well. Have been on supercharged fundraising treadmill to keep things going at work. As for children, I spent almost an hour last night – this is not a joke – running snake down a clogged toilet into which my 2 year old had thrown a rag. My how life has changed…
Incidentally, what came up reminded me of a typical AJ Burnett start.

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