Poor Jorge is just a

Poor Jorge is just a bit beleagered by the constant harassment, so he goes and shoots off his mouth. What can you do. He’s having a good year. But let me return to your broadside on Derek; in fact, if you reread my defense you will see that I did in fact note his poor bb-k ratio as something that could, and hopefully will, improve. Yes, he strikes out too much. But it’s interesting to see how he strikes out. I’d bet he goes down looking much more often than the league average. He’s not out there wildly swinging (like, say, Aaron Boone, who takes a big-ass cut whenever possible). By diving into the ball Derek leaves himself off balance and particularly succeptible to the inside pitch, which he often takes for a (3rd) strike. My chief concern with the diving in isn’t so much the strikeouts but the danger of getting hit on the hands. That’s how Pedro hurt him last month. Derek’s a great, great player; the Yankees need him on the field.

Posted by YF on 9/5/2003 11:10:13 AM

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