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Posada Will DH

According to the NY Post,

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I just hope Montero works out in a huge way.
He has to. This is the same ilk as Hughes, Buchholz, ect..
This kid has been hyped by the Yankees and their fans for the past two years. He’s been protected in trades that made sense, he’s been touted as their best miL bat.

A+ for quality-movie-quote Krueg.
Breaking in a new catcher – esp one who may be squatting behind that plate for the next decade – is pretty significant and exciting. How will he gel with the pitchers (including does he assert himself and take control of games and situations), will he call games well, what kind of attitude will he set behind the dish, how well can he hold runners, not to mention gauging his bat. I’ll be excited to see either Montero try to break in and hope it’s him.

Sorry to Hijack, but this is pretty interesting:
“According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs are “kicking around the idea” of trading Kosuke Fukudome to the Red Sox for Daisuke Matsuzaka as part of a multi-player deal”

To this, I say no.
Dicek is a valuable asset if hes the back of the rotation/3/4 starter.
This is just two clubs exchanging needs, which I think the Red Sox are selling short on.

Hmm…that would be an interesting trade. Fukudome could use a change of scenery and has Dice-K really been that great?
PS CHAD PENNINGTON IS STARTING FOR THE FINS THIS WEEKEND!!! So stoked…Superbowl here we come!!! ;)

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