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Post Father’s Day: Dodgers-Yanks Gamer I

Mark Teixeira is back on the DL, and no Yankee Dads are happy for that news, but the concept of LA-NY, or better yet, Brooklyn-Bronx baseball is welcome as Donnie Baseball brings his Dodgers to Yankee Stadium and sends Hyun-Jin Ryu. Ryu is coming off a bad start but check out his digits.

Phil Hughes is on the mound for the Yankees. Lineups follow, comment away.

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Kuroda vs. Ryu in the morning half of the doubleheader: Yanks on the board early 2-0 after Overbay doubles.

Top 7th – Kuroda had Ethier on that pitch, but he walks on a “high” strike. That’s a bad call.

Hard shot to center doesn’t score Hanley Ramirez as Gardner brought it in quickly. Loaded with one out.

The 1-1 to to Ellis just missed, then Kuroda throws the same pitch and gets the edge of the plate. Ellis rides the next pitch the other way and hits a sac fly to Ichiro, scoring the Dodgers first run.

That non-call strikeout costs.

Out of all the crazy rules in baseball of what is permittable, you would think that mirrored rainbow sunglasses blades that make you look like a bug would be one of the things you just don’t get to wear.

Hairston strokes a single through 5-6, and Kuroda is done for the day.


Shawn Kelley has gone full against Punto.. The payoff: fastball Ks Punto. That was sweet.

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