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Postponed: Yanks-Sox Sunday Night Game

Despite their best efforts, the Sox grounds crew have proved unable to drain the field of the knee-deep blood from yesterday’s massacre. The Red Sox will be in Minnesota tomorrow, while the Yankees head to Arlington. Enjoy your rest, boys.

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Bobby V spoke to the media tonight, Bard will be skipped in the rotation. Valentine didn’t think it was good to give Lester and Beckett an extra rest day. Lars Anderson is coming up and Repko is going on the DL (supposedly shoulder, but who knows?). He said Bard will be available to pitch out of the pen Monday and Tuesday. Marlon Byrd was supposed to start in center tonight.
This team is all sorts of F’d up…the pen is garbage, so called leaders (Pedroia, Ortiz, and Gonzales) didn’t talk to media after yesterday’s game. Cook needs to be in the rotation, Dice-K is about 4 weeks from being back, Rich Hill needs to hurry up with his rehab as well (and hopefully he pitches like he started last year). They have to pull Bard from the rotation and make him the closer. Should be easy to do (at least easier than converting him to a starter). Over the time that Dice finishes his rehab they will determine if Buchholtz can pitch. Since he missed a bunch of last year, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and see if he just needs more time.
I’m convinced that Crawford will be better this year and I’m hoping that Elsbury heals in the 6-8 weeks they said. If not for either and if they don’t make the pitching moves they need to make, this season is over.

Is it really that big of a deal when players refuse to talk after a game or is that just me? Even when I was a sports reporter, I didn’t think it was a huge thing.
Sometimes guys get so frustrated they just don’t know what to say.
I tend to think it’s just reporters whining because it makes their jobs more difficult.

I think skipping Bard in the rotation absolutely means they’re considering moving him back to closer. I’m not terribly happy about it since he has looked good in his two starts (despite 5ER in the first one), but whatever.
This team blows on so many levels right now.

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