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Problem Solved!

It’s the embedded Met. Fire Magadan!

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Really? If you listen to Rob, Theo got a mediocre bat and added bad defense to an already bad defensive team while in the same fell swoop traded away one of baseballs most promising young prospects.
I mean, that is right…right?
Seriously, last night was an awesomely pitched game, and both teams would have been deserving of the win. One team did, and kudos to them. Reminds me of the days when Pedro would just dominate the yanks, and a reliever would give up the game. Only this team, Tito was one inning away from pitching Lowell, so it would have been over anyhow.
A wonderful game, indeed.

And, playing Ortiz is becoming a real issue with Tito.
The lineup today better be:
Ellsbury – 8
Pedroia – 4
Martinez – 2
Youkilis – 5
Lowell (DH)
Bay – 7
Drew – 9
Kotchman – 3
Woodward – 6
I’m really hoping that both Lowell and Drew can muscle up today.

Drew’s amazing catch last night didn’t make the Sportscenter Top 10, of course. He made it look too easy because he didn’t dive~!
Range gets no love, I’m telling you guys.

Doug, you’re exactly right. You barely ever see the best OFers diving all over the place. Yes, they have to once in a while, but the good ones normally get that extra few feet on the initial jump.
How many times have you seen Ichiro lay out?

I still say that Toronto pitcher making the catch on a comebacker that almost put his lights out should have been a no contest #1. That was absurd. But yeah, Drew’s catch most certainly belonged as well.

It was a good catch,the one you hold your breath to scream yes!(as a YF) and just let’s it out in a whispered ‘wow’ gasp.So to me it’s a sign of a great catch.Helluva range there.

Not really posturing if MLB is saying there is a number of players (seven) who actually did NOT test positive the second time. This is certainly something I’d either forgotten or hadn’t heard of.

Well … 20 minutes into Ortiz’s presser, I certainly have recieved more questions than answers.
I will say that if the MLBPA is not attempting to determine the identity of the leakers for the purposes of a lawsuit, I am shocked.
I also will say that the MLBPA is offering up explanations today that would have been nice the first time a name was leaked.

Ortiz said that since 2004, he’s been tested 17 times, and never had a positive for anything.
In a time when guys are being suspended by baseball for testing positive, that’s good enough for me.

Lawyer. Up.
What about the part where he admitted to buying “supplements” in the US and in the Dominican and all the way until testing began? And he had no clue what was in them? He’d just walk into a store and pick things up, huh?

Speaking of which, when are we going to get the Manny presser? How about Manny and all the Dominicans together to talk about the GNCs there?

Brad, manny hadn’t tested positive either. That fact means less than nothing..
Well, what should mean something then, Andrew? I mean, if a man was tested 17 times, and didn’t fail any of them, by what measurement should we judge – the 17 passed tests, or the one failed one, where by the way, nobody knows exactly what he tested for.
I’m confused if I should act like a hating yankee fanboy and put him on the woodpile, or if I should act reasonably and give him that benefit of the doubt.
How about Manny and all the Dominicans together to talk about the GNCs there?
I’m not touching that. Neither Pettitte, Clemens, Bonds, or several of the other names are Dominican.

And, Manny did test positive this year, and was suspended for it, which tells me two things: he’s a moron, and that had he been taking it for the past three or four years, he would have been suspended then. It’ not like Manny’s drug of choice was new to the market.

Ah, back to ad hominem with nothing of substance to say. In debating people resorting to third-grade tactics doesn’t exactly ensure victory. Sarah Palin shares those tactics and it explains her “success” too.
Neither Pettitte, Clemens, Bonds, or several of the other names are Dominican.
None of them claimed they failed because of something they bought from the Dominican GNC.
Like I said, it’s all noise. I’ll let Ortiz’s stats and his non-denial denial speak for themselves.

“None of them claimed they failed because of something they bought from the Dominican GNC.”
Rob, I agree that this sounds fishy and convenient, but neither of us can prove that they’re lying about it. And I’ve never been to the DR to know if the GNC-type stores there are different from the ones here, and if the product labeling rules are the same, if the manufacturers, etc., are bound by the same regulations.
Someone could easily answer these questions. But just because we can’t immediately confirm that such an “I bought it in the DR” statement is accurate doesn’t mean we should dismiss it as a lie.
I believe that those of us regulars here should be better at trying to base our opinions on facts as opposed to probabilities.

Facts are based on probabilities which we interpret in different directions. The brain is inherently a probabilistic engine. So is society.

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