PUH-LEEZE. If you want me

PUH-LEEZE. If you want me to deconstruct your case, then fine, here goes: Yankees FANS are grandstanding assholes, needy and insecure, willing to coax soft, compliant players out of their dugout to take a bow for meaningless, mostly forgettable achievements, in order to soothe their tiny, infantile, and apparently fragile allegiance to their arrogant, vain franchise. So, cut Manny some slack, as you have no proof that he was taunting the A’s – if you used some relatively simple powers of observation you will realize that he stared right back at the Sox dugout and pointed to them (probably Ortiz and Petey, his best friends), nothing else. He stared at it too long, but that’s no crime, not even in the top 50 of bad sports moves, at that! It wasn’t premeditated, so just move on. You have obviously been listening to Miguel Tejada too long, who for some reason thinks that Derek Lowe’s leg slapping and freakish jumping around after the last strike was “obscene”, a “classless” gesture, and not “family appropriate”. What was Lowe supposed to do, walk over before the final strike, shake his hand, and warn him that any and all spastic reactions he might have should he whiff Long are merely related to the fact that he’s uncoordinated and not to any longstanding disrespect for his opponent? Lay off the heroin-grade sanctimony, YF. And it’s agreed, I won’t call you Lyons any more. So, enjoy the game tonight, Mr. Brantley.

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