Pujols. Wow.

Busch Stadium will live to see at least another day, along with the Cards. For those writers planning can-do-Albert-vs-can’t-do-A-Rod stories for tomorrow we say this: spare us. And spare us the “Jinxed ‘Stros” storyline as well. Though, um, maybe it’s, er, true….

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  • Holy crap, did Albert lay into that one. Wow. As an impartial observer (I was actually in a bar trying to catch MNF), right after Edmonds walks (Lidge’s big mistake, obviously) I debate with a friend whether or not Garner should have Lidge pitch to Pujols. I said, yeah, you have to b/c you can’t put the tying run on second, and my buddy says, but that’s Albert Pujols up there. I say, yeah, but Lidge is nasty as hell, plus Reggie Sanders is super hot, and my friend just keeps saying, but that’s Albert Pujols. You don’t give him anything remotely hittable. Sure enough, Lidge serves up a fat slider, and Pujols crushes it deep, DEEP into the night. And my buddy just shakes his head. Ladies and gentlemen, your best hitter in baseball. But I still don’t think you can walk Pujols there, or even pitch around him. I don’t know. Interesting spot.

    Spidey October 18, 2005, 1:27 am
  • I don’t understand Lidge. The guy throws, what, 98, but throws more sliders than fastballs. Granted, they’re good sliders, but that just seems crazy to me. It seems obvious here that he should have been challenging Edmonds with fastballs, and that Pujols should have seen primarily fastballs on the outer half, and for god’s sake NOT sliders right down the middle. IMHO, that was some titanically bad pitch selecttion.

    YF October 18, 2005, 8:20 am
  • Yeah, I was surprised that Lidge didn’t just try to overpower Edmonds with the gas. I mean, he erases the first two batters of the inning no problem, but then Eckstein ekes out a seeing-eye grounder, and all of a sudden, he’s pitching carefully to a guy who’s batting .073? One pitch was so inside that I thought Edmonds should have let it hit him (although it was a fastball, so it would have hurt like hell). And yeah, the hanger to Puhols was right down the center stripe. Al was looking for it, and there it was. Lidge’ll learn from it, though, no doubt. And he’ll probably get another save op on Wednesday or Thursday.
    But I read that Puhols’ shot was measured at only 412 feet or something. Didn’t that thing look like a 500-footer? I mean, he pulverized it. Is Minute Maid that much of a bandbox?

    Spidey October 18, 2005, 10:13 am
  • They call it the “Juice Box” for a reason, I suppose.

    YF October 18, 2005, 11:33 am

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