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Put On The Coffee: Sox-A’s Gamer

John Lackey and Brett Anderson for their respective teams at the Coliseum.  Comment away.

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Ath & IBM, I’m not sure why you’re so willing to give Lackey the benefit of the doubt. He’s perfectly capable of having a meltdown inning just when it looks like things are going well.
In other news, it is really painful to watch the bottom of this lineup right now.

Thruogh 6, Lackey has thrown 93 pitches allowed 4 hits, 1 run and walked 1 with 3 Ks.
That’s not bad.
Wheels is warming in the pen. This stadium might hold today’s home-run ball.

Fair enough, gents. Here’s what I meant to say: Bill, you know how you said “Lackey is, dare I say, dealing”? Well, I guess my reaction was, uh, let’s _not_ dare or tempt fate quite yet. But whatever — the Sox have a baserunner! Er, HAD a baserunner…

Ells on first, Cam batting, ump calls strike 3 on Cam, on a low pitch, then calls Ells out stealing saying Cam interfered with the catcher.
I dunno, didn’t see it.
Crawford then singles, Salty singles with 2 outs.
D-Mac up.

Go to bed figuring the Sox will lose all momentum (as they always seem to do out west) and wake up to that exact news. Other than Lackey pitching well, nothing good at all came out of yesterday, and even that fact has to be tempered by the fact that it was in Oakland.

i hear you sf…it stings to have a guy finally pitch a good game, only to have the offense take the day off…if it’s any consolation, i’m bummed about mo’s first [hopefully only] blown save…i’m so spoiled, i always figure it’s a done deal when i see him come in…oh well, there’s more games today…

I didn’t have high hopes for facing Brett Anderson. He’s darn good, and lefty to boot. The fact that the Sox were able to keep it close and got jobbed on a couple of umpire calls seems like progress to me.
Though I confess I’m not sure why Terry Francona brought Dan Wheeler out for another inning, nor why, as someone else in the blogosphere noted, a hot Jacoby Ellsbury (who tends to hits lefties well anyway) was sitting in favor of Darnell McDonald.

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